Top 5 Diwali gifts for your loved ones

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is famous for firecrackers and the exchange of gifts. Every year, people are in a dilemma while choosing gifts for their family and friends. Here is a list you might want to check out before buying gifts for people.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is famous for diyas, firecrackers and Laxmi Puja. People get together and exchange gifts. It is a festival of togetherness and prosperity. Every year, people are in a dilemma while choosing gifts for their loved ones.

Here is a list of some gifts you might consider getting for your family and friends this Diwali.

1. Lampshade Candles

These candles look good anywhere in the house. They have a driftwood scent and it leaves a pleasant smell of fresh cotton. It goes with all types of surroundings.

2. Silver Plated Puja Thali Set

It is the most appropriate traditional gift one can give. This set comprises of a pooja thali, chandan vati, kankavati, mini kankavati, a drinking glass, spoon, divi, takori and an agarbati stand.

3. Gond Tray Set

Gond Paintings from Madhya Pradesh are famous all over the nation. These paintings on wooden trays give the tray an aesthetic and artistic look. It is appropriate for people who appreciate traditional sentiments.

4. Lord Ganesha Candle Holder

Candle holders like these are durable and can be gifted to your friends and business colleagues. These elegant candle holders can be kept anywhere in the house. It is a perfect traditional gift one can give.

5. Beautiful Bandhanwar

Bandhanwar is a perfect home decor gift. It will give a traditional look to one’s doors or walls. They vary in designs and colours. They might have colourful beads, mirror-work or balls hanging to them.

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