Tamil Nadu: 8 Saamiyadis arrested for consuming human flesh at Temple Festival

A case had been registered by the police and they had questioned 14 people so far.


On Tuesday in Tamil Nadu, eight people were arrested after the saamiyadis in the Kallurani Village in the Tenkasi tehsil allegedly took out human flesh and consumed it during a temple festival at the Sakthi Pothi Sudalai Madasamy Temple on Saturday.

In this year’s annual event, one of the saamiyaadi was found entering a trance, dancing and holding a human skull on a sword while a few other saamiyadis were found on the camera eating the remaining flesh/tissue on the skull.

The accused saamiyadis had been detained for questioning after the village administrative officer filed a complaint, and on being asked by the police about the allegation for consuming the human remains, the saamiyadis answered that they did not know about the human remains, nor they knew what they were doing as they were in a trance.

A case has been registered by the police and they have questioned 14 people so far.
Krishnaraj, the Superintendent of Police Tenkasi, said that a case under the Section 297 of the Indian Penal Code was registered which is for the trespassing in burial grounds, and the saamiyadis also violated the social distancing norms.

The Police were now investigating to find out how the human remains arrived at the temple festival and where they were from.