Here’s what people wear on Eid in these five countries worldwide

The Eid marks the end of holy month Ramadan and beginning of Shawaal. On this day, Muslims across the world wear traditional outfits that glorifies the religion

The month of Ramadan is a very auspicious month for Muslims around the world. The end of this occasion is marked with festival Eid. From a very beginning of Ramadan, they start preparing for this day.

Dressing up and wearing beautiful outfits is one of the all other important tasks. As this is an annual occasion, everyone wants to look their best and enjoy this festival to their fullest remembering Allah. As Islam is a worldwide religion, and can be seen in different parts of the world, their clothing varies too yet more or less similar. It will be interesting to know how Muslims around the world dresses up for the occasion.


Outfits people wear on Eid in these 5 countries


United Arab Emirates

Being an Islam dominated country, UAE welcomes Ramadan month with great enthusiasm and joy. People in this middle Eastern country dress up in traditional Islamic attire. Men wear their traditional headgear kafiyeeh and a clock thobe. The dress, is common across Arab countries. While women wear veils and long sleeved robes. Women, men and children follow this traditional dress code.



Palestine being among the holiest country in Islam as it is close to Jerusalem, Muslims in Palestine celebrate Eid with great enthusiasm and hope for peace and love. Women in Palestine wear traditional red thread embroidery decorated with small mirrors called Thube. While men wears Abaya for the festival. This is worn on the top of jubba and qumbaz. The dress code glorifies their cultural and rich heritage.



Being a land of diverse culture and religion, Eid is considered among the other most important festivals in India. Muslims in India follow the traditional dress code. Women’s clothing include beautiful long sleeve kurti and salwar with a hijab as headgear. While men wear plain kurta pajama with traditional kufi hat.



Eid in Pakistan is celebrated with much love and enthusiasm. Men, women and children dress up in traditional outfits. Men wear Kurta Pajama with a headgear, which differs according to state including kufi hats, sindi cap, karakul cap and such. While women dress up, in Salwar kameez with traditional hijab. Whereas at places women wear traditional veil.


Women and men in Australia wear traditional outfits that include Hijab and other headgears. While they love to dress up in an outfit that please them and is comfortable.

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