Bhai Dooj 2020: Bhai dooj Muhurat, significance and everything you need to know about the auspicious day

Bhai Dooj Muhurat, significance and everything you need to know about this auspicious day which is going to be celebrated on November 16, 2020

Bhai Dooj, Bhaiya Dooj, Bhai Phonta or Bhai Tika is an Indian festival celebrated across the nation in different ways and name, keeping the real essence of the ritual and tradition intact. The festival is celebrated by Hindus on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar in the month of Kartika. This festival is celebrated just after the festival Diwali. Besides India, the festival is also observed to be celebrated in some parts of Napal. The festival is celebrated to nourish and signify the pure bond of love and care  between brother and sister. This year Bhai Dooj is going to be celebrated on 16th of November, 2020 just after Diwali. 


Significance of Bhai Dooj


The festival is very similar to that of  Raksha Bandhan. Bhai Dooj observes the unconditional love, strength and support in a brother-sister relationship.On this day, every brother and sister took their inspiration from the beautiful relationship between Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra and their loving gestures towards each other. On this day, sister prays  for his brother well being and prosperity in life, ensuring life long security. She prepares food for her brother. Sister put red tika on brother’s forehead, performs arti and do certain rituals while in return the brother pledges to protect her sister with other special gifts. Sister whose brother lives far away, performs the duties considering moon as their brother. This is the reason why in Hindus moon is referred to as uncle or Chandamama. The ceremony procedure may vary across the country, from Bihar to Bengal or from Uttar Pradesh to Andra Pradesh while keeping the real essence and values intact. 


Best Time to celebrate Bhai Dhooj or Muhurat

This year the festival is observed on 16th of November, 2020, just after Diwali considering the second day of Shukla Paksha of the month Kartika. According to Drikpanchang, this year the best time on 16th of November to celebrate the ceremony is between 1:27 pm to 3:42 pm. The Dwitiya Tithi begins at 07:06 AM on 16th November and ends at 03:56 AM on 17th November..