Best gifting ideas for Christmas 2021

Looking for some unique gift items to surprise your loved ones this Christmas? Here are some unique gift ideas for you to pick from.

Christmas is coming up soon! The weekend before Christmas is expected to see a lot of shopping activity with people rushing to the malls and shops to buy presents for their near and dear ones.

Looking for some unique gift items to surprise your loved ones this Christmas? Here are some unique gift ideas for you to pick from:


Christmas Gift ideas to keep them warm:

1)Wireless Bluetooth Knit Beanie:

Image Source: Amazon

This is possibly one of the most eye-catching gifts for your loved ones to keep them warm while enjoying their favourite music at the same time. The hat has a built-in microphone with a design that makes it comfortable to wear and travel.

2) Coffee Mug Warmer and Personalised Coffee Spoon:

Image Source: The New York Times

A nice and cosy gift for tea/coffee lovers. This unique gift will be a wonderful surprise for them. You can also earn some brownie points by presenting a personalised coffee spoon with this warmer.

3) Personalised waterproof flask:

Makes an ideal gift. Trust your loved ones to enjoy their favourite beverage on the go and stay hydrated with this stylish and distinctive bottle. A great way to remind them how special you are, to make sure they are tempted to stay hydrated at the same time this winter.

4) Mittens:

Gift him a pair of comfortable and trendy waterproof gloves for Christmas. Nothing beats keeping those toes warm and active in the cold. Without a doubt, being able to drive with those insulating gloves would make him happy.

5) Books and Chocolates:

Image Source: Twitter|Winans Chocolates + Coffees

As cliché as it may sound, books never go out of style. A book lover is sure to enjoy reading a book with his favourite cup of coffee and a stack of chocolates given to them by their loved ones.

6) Denim Jackets and Skincare Products:

Make it fashionable and warm for Christmas by gifting denim jackets. Wrap up some nourishing skincare products to make a perfect gift combination.

7) Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug:

Image Source: The New York Times

Give the gift of this leak-proof mug so you can commute to work in style. Offering you a pleasant drinking experience on the go at Christmas, this handy vacuum-insulated mug is sure to make you your favourite Santa.

8) Handmade Scarves:

A stylish handmade cashmere scarf would undoubtedly make a lovely gift idea to complement your winter wardrobe.

9) Boot shoes:

Luxurious, furry and warm boots are a unique gift. These advanced, soft and soothing boots that instantly relax your aching feet are sure to make them gush with joy.

10) Oil Diffuser and Winter Skincare Essentials:

Image Source: The New York Times

If you are looking for something thoughtful, gifting an essential oil diffuser for Christmas is sure to be a pleasant, relaxing Christmas surprise for you. Add a little jazz to this gift pack with some skincare products. Let the lively and beautiful aroma of the diffuser flow into the winter environment of your loved one in the best possible way.

11) Scented Candles and Personalised Chocolates:

Image Source: Send Gifts to India

Presenting scented candles in beautiful colours is a great way to light up your home with a warm, sweet scent. And what could be better than a delicious selection of your favourite chocolates to accompany this wonderfully fragrant atmosphere?

12) Electric Bed Warmer:

Image Source: Flipkart

A wonderful gift to get through the cold winters at night and sleep like a baby.