8 DIY-Diwali decoration ideas

Diwali is a five-day festival and people love decorating their houses inside out. Here a list of DIY-Diwali decoration ideas.


Diwali is a five-day festival which is celebrated by Hindus across the globe. People decorate their houses and spend time with their family. They use a combination of lights, diyas, flowers and rangoli. People love decorating their houses inside out. It creates a sense of excitement among the kids.

Here a list of DIY-Diwali decoration ideas.

1. Candle Decoration

You’ll need: Tea light candles and decorative tapes
You have to stick the tape around the tea light candle. Then, cut out the extras. You can stick rhinestone stickers or stones around the candle.

2. Mason Jar Decoration

You’ll need: Rice, different food colours and mason jar
Take a bowl, mix the colour with rice. You can sprinkle some water in the rice and colour mixture and mix it well. Make sure the rice is coloured properly. Follow the same process by colouring the rice with other colours. Now, spread the coloured rice on the paper and let it dry for 2-3 hours. Now pour the rice mixture one by one in a mason jar. Use different colours for different layers. On top of that, put a small candle and it will be ready to light up your room.

3. Reusable rangoli

You’ll need : Hard cardboard, foam sheets and rhinestone stickers
Make a circle and draw a petal design on the cardboard. Then, cut them out. Use yellow and pink foam sheets. Yellow for the circle and pink for the petals. Cut them out in their respective shapes. Peal out the sticker and stick it on the cardboard pieces. Use the rhinestone stickers to decorate the cardboard flower.

4. CD hanging decor piece

You’ll need: A dandia stick, CDs, stones, plastic thread, beads, lace
Paint the dandia stick with white or blue colour. Take 3 CDs and use some mirrors and stones and stick them on the CD. Take a plastic thread, put some beads in it. Now, take a strong glue and stick the CD to the thread. Do this with the other two CDs on separate threads. Now, wrap lace around the blue/white dandia. Tie all the three threads or strings to the dandia.

5. CD decoration

You’ll need: CD, permanent marker, rhinestone stickers
Take the CD. Use a permanent marker to make designs on the CD. Paint the design with different colours. Decorate the CD with rhinestone stickers. Put a diya or a fancy candle in the middle and it’ll be ready to light up your home.

6. Bangles diya

You’ll need: Old bangles
Stick one bangle on top of the other. Try using a sparkly bangle. Now, put a diya in the middle.

7. Colourful glass diya holder

You’ll need: Fevicryl glass colour and a glass holder
Paint the glass with different colours. You can stick rhinestone stickers or different stones on it. When you put it over a candle, it looks very beautiful.

8. Diya decoration

You’ll need: Diya, paint
Bring some fancy diyas and paint them. Be creative and use multiple paint colours to decorate your diya. You can use glitters and rhinestone stickers on the diya.

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