6 safety precautions you should take while bursting firecrackers

Diwali is the festival of lights and people light diyas, decorate their houses with lights and burst firecrackers at night. This signifies the victory of light over darkness. Lighting firecrackers brings excitement among kids as well as adults. It surely is a fun ritual but people should be highly careful while bursting firecrackers. Every year, many incidents are reported which involve injuries or death due to crackers.

Here are 6 safety precautions you should take while bursting firecrackers.

1. Use green firecrackers

Components of green firecrackers are less harmful and are not very dangerous. These crackers are good for the environment. There is a very less chance that anybody can get injured by these crackers.

2. Prefer wearing cotton clothes

People should prefer wearing cotton clothes instead of silk, nylon and polyester. They catch fire easily.

3. Burst firecrackers in an open area

Avoid bursting crackers in a closed area. It can cause sparking. It can burn the house or can hurt people. So, bursting crackers in an open area is a safe decision.

4. Store the crackers in a safe place

We often hear about a fire caused by firecrackers. We should avoid keeping crackers in open places as they can catch fire easily. It is suggested to keep it in a closed and safe place.

5. Keep a first aid kit handy

You should have a band-aid, antiseptic lotion and anti-inflammatory medicines handy while bursting firecrackers. If someone gets injured, you have the necessary medicine near you.

6. Avoid alcohol while bursting firecrackers

Generally, alcohol leads to delayed response. For a drunk person, it is highly u safe for him to be near the crackers. Also, avoid keeping alcohol near the crackers.


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