What is the use of AGAR in beauty industry?

Algae have been used in cosmetics for ages due to their favourable effects on the skin.

This gelatinous, algae-derived sugar molecule, known as Agar, is used as a thickener in cosmetics, skin care products, and shampoo. Although it contains mild antioxidant properties, few people are aware of its advantages. In this article, we will make you aware of the properties of Agar.

What is Agar?


Algae have been used in cosmetics for ages due to their favourable effects on the skin. They started to be utilised industrially in France in the 20th century at the first facilities dedicated to the study and creation of cosmetics. Soaps, shave creams, shampoos, colours, and other items were among the earliest products manufactured from algae. Since then, they have become often utilised in toning, moisturising, rejuvenating, and anti-cellulite treatments such as gels, masks, emulsions, shampoos, lotions, and creams.
One of the most widely used materials nowadays is agar-agar, a substance made from algae. A complex carbohydrate made primarily of galactose residues, agar is a polysaccharide component that is obtained from seaweed or algae. Agar’s high concentration of galactose residues functions as an effective emulsifier and has suspensive, stabilising, and gelling capabilities that don’t add oil to the product, which is a crucial quality when creating skin care products. As it is non-toxic, non-irritating, and necessary for those with skin issues, agar is the ideal skincare component to use in moisturising products.

Agar for skincare and haircare

When applied topically as a face pack, agar softens the skin and, unlike gelatin-based peel-off packs, is easier to remove because it doesn’t stick to the skin too tightly. Even those with highly sensitive skin can use it safely because it does not pull the skin when being removed. Consuming it internally in addition to using it externally also benefits hair and skin care. It is abundant in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy skin and growing hair.