What is a Kilt and can it be worn by women?

Women in Scotland didn’t begin donning kilts until the 1800s.


The kilt is a single-piece tartan or plaid clothing originally from Scotland. Here is an article on them that will let you know if these ‘skirt’ like garments are also worn by women.

What is a Kilt?

A kilt is a dress that resembles a wraparound knee-length skirt that has come to be linked with the larger Scottish culture and, more widely, with Gaelic or Celtic history since the 19th century. The tiny kilt, also known as the modern kilt, first appeared in the 18th century and is essentially the lower half of the big kilt. It is made of worsted wool with heavy pleats at the sides and back.
As they have been modified as a piece of informal male apparel as well as female wear for particular sports, kilts are now produced in a variety of materials for casual wear.

Can it be worn by women?

Highland ladies would wear an earasaid, a draped garment that was either a belted plaid or an unbelted wrap, as the kilt was highland clothing produced and worn only by men. Women in Scotland didn’t begin donning kilts until the 1800s, and by the 1900s the practice had become so popular that debates about the kinds of kilts women should be permitted to wear were held in public. This led to the development of the kilted skirt, which gave women their own identity apart from the males and is still quite fashionable today. It was similar in length and style to the traditional men’s kilt.