How rice water can prove to be a miracle for enhancing your beauty

Here are some homemade tricks for your skin care and hair care. Rice water has been proved to be effective and beneficial to get glowing and spotless skin as well as strong and long hair.

Every girl dreams of long and strong beautiful hair and a spotless glowing, healthy skin. We also go through different cosmetics and medicines in order to achieve them. The products hardly work and in some cases, makes the condition worse. But there is a homemade, simple and easy remedy for your skin and hair problems


Rice water has been in use for a quite long time in countries like Japan, Korea and southeast Asia. In early times, women in Japan , had long black hair, even at the age of 90 .Not only hair, rice water is very productive and beneficial for your skin. One can develop a healthy glowing and spotless skin by using rice water.



Science behind Rice water

We tend to ignore the chemicals and substances used in a particular cosmetic product and use it on regular basis. But it is very important for one to know what are the minerals and vitamins suitable for the skin and body. It’s very important to know the scientific reason behind those substances. According to a research conducted in 2002, it is proven that starch present in rice water is  very effective and beneficial for people with dermititis, as it heals damaged skin cells. 

Antioxidants, which are very effective for healthy hair and skin, combating damages in hair and skin cell is present in fermented rice water. Antioxidants are found is almost every cosmetics. Amino acids, B – vitamins, vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals are present in rice water in less or more quantity. These substances are really useful in repairing damaged hair and skin cells, making them healthy. Rice water also contains 16 percent protein, that works as the building blocks in body. 10% of starch water is composed of Triglycerides and lipid. Other includes carbohydrates, inositol, phytic acid and other inorganic substances, that helps to develop a healthy skin and strong hair.Rice water when applied in scalps of hair, is absorbed. It enters the cell and helps to repair the damaged cells and rejuvenates them.


Benefits of using Rice water


If used on regular basis, twice a day, rice water can provide many effective results likes- Strong black hair, shining hair, glowing and healthy, spotless skin and can even lessen scars and blemishes on the skin.



How to prepare Rice water ;

Boiled rice water 

Boil rice water can be used by mixing it with clean water. Add 3 cups of water in rice and then cook the rice in boiling water. then strain the boiled water.

Soaking the rice water 

Soaking is another way. It’s very easy to do and very effective. For preparing this, put half cup of uncooked rice and rinse thoroughly, later add 3 cup of water to it and leave it to soak for 30 minutes. Take the strain water in clean bottle and use when needed.

Fermentation of rice water 

Leave the rice water for 12 hours, in a bowl, at room temperature which will develop ferment. Fermentation of rice water contains the maximum number of minerals and vitamins.


How to use Rice water to enhance beauty: some beauty tips-


Rice water as Facial mask

Many a times we get last minute call about any important event and we don’t have time to go the saloon for a facial, at such times rice water comes in handy.

Rice water as a sunscreen

In summer, when it’s hard to tolerate the heat and UV rays, the cheapest and easiest method to protect your skin can be by using Rice Water. Due to presence of antioxidants and vitamins it helps to protect the skin from sun harmful rays.


Rice water as a tonner

After long hour work, when you feel tired and exhausted, you want to take refreshing drinks or rest. Same is in the case of skin, rice water will help as tonner to refresh your skin. Apply rise water on face and massage the skin gently with help of cotton pad.


Rice water in helping to overcome sun burn

Rice water contains antioxidants that has anti-inflammatory properties which gives relief from the pain of a sunburn.


Rice water as healer

Rice water can give instant relief from rashes,mosquitoes bites,or itching. Adding aloe vera will be very effective.


Rice water for healthy hair

Rice water helps to repair damage cells of hair and rejuvenate them, resulting is strong, shinny, and long black hair. 

Rice water is an easy and affordable home remedy for skin and hair care with many beneficial properties to enhance one beauty.