6 things you must know before booking your bridal makeup artist

Since most make-up artists are booked 6 months before the wedding season and some renowned make-up artists are booked a year earlier. Brides that want a specific make-up artist make sure they ‘re scheduling them well in advance to prevent disappointment. Today , a lot of Makeup Artists are trending, some because of their signature looks that they send to their brides, and some because of their reputation in the industry. Making sure you choose the right makeup artist will make it really simple and straightforward for Wedding Day! Because there are a lot of new makeup artists out there, you need to select the one based on their experience and skills. Makeup Artist Cherry Deol, Founder Makeup by Cherry shared 6 things you must know before booking your bridal makeup artist:

1. Often the brides-to-be are not aware of the makeup artist ‘s expertise, and yet they still choose to face dissatisfaction in their looks later on. The most negative point, for example, is CAKEY MAKEUP! Trending for a long time now, most of the clients are afraid of the only thing they’ve got their makeup done, and that’s a cakey makeup! A lot of women complain that the base turned cakey after a while and totally ruined their look. To order to prevent this, one will always ask their makeup artist for a trial so that they know what they’re doing. Not only does a makeup trial help you determine what kind of look you ‘re going to get at your wedding, but it’s also useful to see the makeup artist’s work.


2. If your makeup artist is willing to give you a trial prior to booking, that’s best, otherwise some might offer a consultation session including your booking, where they can give you a trial based on your preferences.

3. Also, make sure you follow your makeup artist on their social media platforms. Doing so will keep you posted about their recent work that they’re doing, as well, you can always get ideas about hair, makeup, outfits, the kind of jewelry that fits your style. It’s also a smart idea to save the photos of the looks that inspire you.

4. The most important aspect of booking your wedding makeup artist is to ask them about the amount of members they have on their staff, as most of them have a hair stylist and draping artist / assistant staff.

5. It’s easier to negotiate timings, makeup artists not only take up 1 booking a day, they have other responsibilities to their other clients. And you’re supposed to be mindful of the time slot you like. Normally it takes 2.5-3 hours for a wedding makeup, it’s best to get ready at least half an hour before the time you want, so you can get your photo shoot done.

6. Make sure that the payment process is discussed well in advance, most of the makeup artists require 50 percent advance payment, so it’s better to know how and when your makeup artist needs to pay. Well, that’s the people! Follow these tips, and your makeup is going to be hassle free!