Today’s Panchang: 30 August 2022 | Choghadiya, Shubh Muhurat, Today’s Tithi and special occasions

Today’s Panchang: What is good, what is bad and when to do things. Shubh Muharats, Choghadiya timings and all tithi details.


Today’s Panchang

Today’s Panchang is an Indian calendar that is used to predict the future. The Panchang has a different set of predictions for each day and one should consult it before making any major decision.

Date: 30 August 2022
Day: Tuesday
Tithi: 3 Tritya:-15:33
Hindi Month: Bhadrapada
Paksha: ShuklaPaksha
Nakshatra: Hast:-23:49
Yoga: Shubha:-24:03
Karan: Nag :-12:47
Chandrama: Virgo
Sunrise: 06:10
Sunset: 18:53
Disha Shool: Uttar
Solution: Consuming Sesame
Season: Rainy Autumn
Gulick Kaal: 12:37 to 14:02
Rahu Kaal: 15:36 to 17:11
Abhijit Muharat: 12:02 to 12:53
Vikram Samvant: 2079
Shaka Samwant: 1944
Yugad: 5124
Sanwat Sar Naam: Nal

Day / Din Ka Choghadiya

Check out today’s most auspicial timings in the day time (popularly known as din ka choghadiya / day choghadiya)

Chanchal: 09:18 to 10:53
Laabh: 10:53 to 12:27
Amrit: 12:27 to 14:02
Shubh: 15:36 to 17:11

Night / Raat Ka Choghadiya

Check out today’s most auspicial timings in the evening / night time (popularly known as raat ka choghadiya / night choghadiya)

Laabh: 20:11 to 21:36
Subh: 23:02 to 00:28
Amrit: 00:28 to 01:53
Chanchal: 01:53 to 03:19

Choghadiya timing is according to sunrise in Salasar, Rajasthan.

Vastu Tips

Do not plant rosemary plant in the south direction.

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