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We want to create an army of writers and designers: Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar

Two mompreneurs hustling out of two of the busiest cities of India – Delhi and Mumbai, Avanti Ubhayakar and Divya Palekar padded with Engineering and MBA degrees, in 2018 decided to be the master of their own words.
Based in Mumbai, Avanti’s marketing skills include Communication & Creative Development, Channel Experience and Events for brands such as Tata DoCoMo, Aditya Birla Capital and Aviva Life Insurance. Whereas, Divya, who is based in Gurgaon, brings in Telecom, Retail Operations experience to the table.
The duo talks about their brand, journey, challenges, advice, future plans, etc.


How do you bridge the gap between a brand and the consumer?

Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar: We were both working in the corporate world. We faced certain challenges then in terms of content.

  • Good data had no stories – You will find many data miners. But creating a story from the data and weaving it in communication was a challenge.
  • Good stories had no consistency – It was sometimes difficult to continue sticking to one objective at all time.
  • Old stories were not being reused – While an organisation generates a lot of content, it sometimes gets difficult to reuse old content topically.
  • Difficult to get a new story every time – Brand would be active on digital platforms but would not find suitable content to keep the traction going.


We bridge this gap by helping businesses tell their stories. We make engaging and effective content that keeps their communication primarily on digital platforms (social media handles, website) alive.

What type of a team do you have and what is their contribution to the company’s success?

Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar: The core team at WordBerries has two mompreneurs – Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar. Both operate from their homes. (Yes we save a lot of commute time and energy that way) While Divya manages content creation and operations of the orders, Avanti takes care of sales and new client acquisition.


We are currently supported by a team of 5 freelance writers and one designer. The team also works remotely and we think this has a big role to play in its success.

A client connects with us on call for a new biz. We send our creds, costs, and bag the job. Job loved, payment done, matter closed. How we look, dress, walk, and talk, where we come from or live, how far we are (one of our writer works from USA) – nothing matters. No ideas, no judgements, no weird beliefs. Our work is our only voice. Also it helps us to be self- disciplined as most of us are moms and we seamlessly juggle this with the many roles we play.

A brand that is just starting out – any tips for them to establish easy communication with their audience?

Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar: We are too new to give out tips we feel. However, we would love to share some of the things that have worked in our favour.

  1. Know your last conversation with the client so it helps communicate at all times and you can pick up from where you left last
  2. For major projects, we form a WhatsApp group with our team and the client so there is ease in coordination and communication
  3. We are also in touch with the client with certain competition movements, new launches etc.
  4. Linked–in, references and testimonials are tools that we regularly use to increase our network and tap into opportunities. We aim to reach out to one new name once in two days at least.

How did wordberries come into existence?

Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar: For Avanti, it started with a sojourn away from the regular 9-5 life to create a video for her ex-organisation. The life at the back-end of the camera, changed her perspective about content creation permanently. She loved it and started taking smaller assignments as well as started blogging. The blog (on momspresso) today stands at around 2.2 lac views. With the encouraging response she got, she finally took the plunge and started on her own.

For Divya, it took a series of unsatisfactory jobs and a few randomly appreciated blogs to realize that writing is definitely an area she wanted to explore. She had a knack, lot of perspective on things and wanted a clean slate to express herself. It’s surreal how introspectively quitting a job to find a new career led her to discover her passion.

Both Avanti and Divya (having worked in their first company together as management trainees) reconnected in 2018 after a gap of a decade and just picked up from where they had left. It clicked and as they say the Berries started blossoming. There’s been no looking back since.

How are you planning on to expanding your brand?

Divya Palekar and Avanti Ubhayakar: We are primarily into digital content and it is an exciting space to be in. We have clients in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Singapore. We would want to write content for more exciting sectors, genres, audiences, geographies and platforms.

Internally we would want to expand our team to create an army of writers and designers who will help us create content. We also want to create opportunities- both for our clients and our team.

We see opening of lot of doors and trying new things that bring us joy.


Read more about WordBerries on http://wordberries.in