INTERVIEW: There will be a sharp change once the lockdown ends: Ambika Sharma, Founder and MD, Pulp Strategy

One thing that is keeping us all going even in the lockdown situation is the internet. Therefore, many businesses, which are not able to operate fully right now, are trying to create a market presence for themselves. That’s exactly when the role of companies like Pulp Strategy comes into action. Being India’s largest independent agency in its space of Brand Strategy, Creative Tech, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Product Development, Pulp and its employees are dealing really well with this Coronavirus Crisis.

To know more about how they are making it happen, what is the strategy behind, how are they managing the workforce, let’s read the Business Upturn interaction with Ambika Sharma, Founder & Managing Director, Pulp Strategy.

In this time of crisis, how is Pulp strategy attracting the attention of brands’ customers?

Ambika Sharma: Covid-19 is a black swan event, a human tragedy with long-term economic damage. Everything that we knew about the world conducted business 60 days ago has changed. With the Lockdown manufacturing and sales both are impacted, at this time we are working closely with our customers to help them maintain consumer engagement and messaging on their platforms. We are also working to recalibrating annual plans to ensure we have the necessary models to ensure faster go to market within the changed environment of reduced contact and increased digital focus.

Are you working towards getting more customers during this time? Do you think it can be a good opportunity?

Ambika Sharma: There is definitely an improved opportunity in the digital and ad-tech space. There is a lot of focus on sustaining performance, improving consideration, and reworking communication for the changed environment. There will be positive growth in digital however a lot depends on how the virus will be contained and how the consumer sentiment is post the lockdown.

How are your employees taking working during the lockdown?

Ambika Sharma: The lockdown has hit everyone hard, our team is engaged in delivering and work at this time so it helps, the HR team is doing a good job of keeping the clan motivated and engaged a lot of online events, workout sessions daily and evening games are keeping the spirits up, needless to say, that folks miss the hustle-bustle of life as it was 60 days ago. The team considering the situation is handling the emotional side of the situation really well.

How will this time affect Pulp Strategies business?

Ambika Sharma: All businesses will be impacted In the next few quarters, consumer behaviour, changed media consumption, a partial relaxation of restrictions, drop of discretionary spends and many other factors will define a new normal for more than just purchase patterns. In the next few quarters, we will see Freakonomics at its best. Advertising budgets will be hit even as digital spends increases. There will be erosion for the first 2 quarters.

How regularly is Pulp Strategy conducting organisation meetings? How are you managing the schedule?

Ambika Sharma: We have a daily SyncUP with the entire organization for a workout session in the morning, teams then move on to kick-off meetings that happen daily. We are keeping multilevel communication channels open with smaller lean teams so people can collaborate and keep connected.

What is your roadmap for 21 days and beyond?

Ambika Sharma: As I mentioned, we are working on 3 scenarios worst case to best case based on the economic recovery and consumer purchase patterns. We have tweaked certain offerings to ensure we are better able to meet emerging needs for our clients. Once the lockdown opens and commerce resumes there will be a sharp change and we will see innovation rise as trends become clearer, speculation changes to the actual line of sight.

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