Technology is going to change the way we work: Arun Jain, Chair Conference, PI-WOT: Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021

Arun Jain, Chair Conference of PI-WOT, the Global Virtual Technology Summit in an exclusive interview with Business Upturn, shared details about the PANIIT Alumni India’s event, pandemic and how technology will change our future.

Could you walk us through PI-WOT: Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021?


PIWOT is a PanIIT initiative to bring people together on a single platform to share, discuss and explore opportunities in World of Technology.  Technology has changed our lives and this has been proven time and again, especially in the last few years. PIWOT is an effort to present what more technology can offer in different domains such as manufacturing, supply chain, automation, healthcare and medicine, electric vehicles and even race to space. We, at PIWOT, want to leave our audience with intimidating thoughts about the future scope of technology from thoughtful leaders from various industries and entrepreneurial worlds.

As far as the format of the events is concerned, we have conversations in the form of key notes and panel discussions, startup showcasing and hackathon. With this format, we will create opportunities for everyone to participate.

Event is on 17th and 18th Sept 2021 and it is free for all.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic; how do you see technology helping people and businesses to pivot during these tough times?

Last 1.5 years have already proven to us that technology is the way forward. Starting from enabling us to work, providing virtual learning to solving the biggest health crisis of the planet till date using mRNA technology. It is just a start of a whole new paradigm of what technology can do and how humans can shape their future. Technology is going to change the way we work, with respect to improved communication and virtual presence pretty much everywhere. It is going to change the way we learn with smart and personalized learning platforms. Technology will change the healthcare industry with genomics mapping, advance medicine like mRNA and precision surgeries with robotics even remotely. It will shape businesses with manufacturing, supply chain etc. using advanced simulation and automation, drones and flying transportation, 3D printing, petabytes of data with advanced analytics, quantum computing and machine learning with artificial intelligence.

Another aspect of impact is on personal life, business model changes with social media and marketing use via technology. Remember, we are just starting.

Being the chair of the conference, what are your expected outcomes from this event?

The core idea behind PIWOT is to inspire our audience to think beyond the current scope of technology. By bringing technologists, innovators, researchers, start-ups, academicians, investors and policy makers together, we want to create a blueprint to collaborate in redesigning our future. PIWOT is aimed to introduce the latest technology trends, brainstorm the possibilities of the future of the human race with pivotal technologies, showcase few of the next unicorn startups and create investment opportunities, and also enable networking opportunities.

What are your plans to make the event an international summit?

The new virtual world has given us the opportunity to be all inclusive and think beyond regional boundaries. This event will start with a curtain raiser by PanIIT Australia before the main event kicks off in India led by PanIIT India and then will be continued by IIT Alumni in USA. This helps the organizing team to accommodate people across different time zones. The recordings of these sessions will also be made available after the event. The speakers, panel members, VCs and startups will be from different regions sharing the perspective on how technology is leading the change in their region and how people in other regions can take advantage. We have already successfully organized road shows in Australia and the UK apart from India.