Ravaiti is born out of love for handloom in India, says Ramandeep Kaur, founder of the startup!

Ravaiti – Indian lifestyle Startup label launched on August 06, 2019 aims at distinguishing the hard work of Indian weavers. Ramandeep Kaur is the founder of a lifestyle brand, Ravaiti, which is born out of love for handloom in India. Through the brand, she aims to offer a fresh twist to Indian handloom fabrics while continuing to draw inspiration from artisans and co-ops. Here in talk with Ramandeep, we get to know how Ravaiti really fits into the market as a reliable Indian lifestyle brand. Read ahead.

Your brand name ‘Ravaiti’ is one of the uniquest names ever to exist in the fashion industry. How did it this come to your mind?


Ramandeep Kaur: Ravaiti means tradition. When the brand idea was conceived, we wanted a name which stays true to its roots. Though the brand aims to bring fresh and contemporary designs but use local fabric produced by the weavers. The brand is a mix of novelty but not moving away from its tradition which comes from the weaving process.

You aim to offer a fresh twist to Indian handloom fabrics with your designs. Tell us about this approach of yours.

Ramandeep Kaur: Ravaiti is an Indian based lifestyle label. The brand is born out of love for handloom in India. The brand is born out of love for handloom in India. Established in August 2019, we work with 100% Indian handloom giving it cultural twists. Brand Ravaiti aims to reach out to local weavers, use the traditional fabric produced by them and give it contemporary designs. The brand focuses on not just one particular design from a state, our initiative is to cover Pan India and give consumers a piece from each region. It will be a one-stop online store for the customers. To start with we have collections from Gujarat (Kutch), Telangana (Hyderabad), Rajasthan (Jaipur) and Aurangabad (Maharashtra).

Ramandeep, what made you start ‘Ravaiti’?

Ramandeep Kaur: I had an inclination towards handloom clothing and sustainable fashion. When I finally decided to move ahead in the conscious fashion space and after a lot of research I realized that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. I further researched and after getting in touch with different weavers, NGOs it came to light that the Indian weavers are not paid as per their hard work. This became one of the important reasons for me to go ahead and decide to work in this field and do my bit for the weavers and the environment.

How are you planning on expanding your brand? Are you planning to make it global, for those who are interested?

Ramandeep Kaur: We want to go global in the next 2-3 years presenting handloom collection from all Indian states to the world. Brand Ravaiti was launched on 6th August, 2019. The brand is new and working towards creating a name in the sustainable fashion space. We have plans to participate in exhibitions which focus on sustainable fashion. The idea is to reach out to the audience, give them touch and feel experience. Apart from exhibitions, we are also looking for opportunities to sell handwoven clothes at multi-online stores.

How does this fashion practice of yours help you stand out from your competitors?

Ramandeep Kaur: As Ravaiti aims to reach out to weavers across India, it will bring collections which are exceptional and fulfils the desire to own a piece from any of the Indian states. There are a lot of Indian brands who are working towards sustainable fashion and taking handloom/ handwoven clothing to another level. I do not feel that any brand which is working towards sustainable fashion and helping the weavers across India is our competition. Our only competition is fast fashion brands. We want consumers to consider sustainable brands as their first choice rather than going for inexpensive mass produced clothing.