Hayr Car Share founder Harjeet Singh: The Free-float model is going to change the way we drive in city

Mr. Harjeet Singh, Founder HAYR Car Share, a unique concept where the mobile app enable user to rent a car and drive across the city without worrying about fuel, parking and maintenance. During the interview with the man himself we tried to find out how customer-friendly the concept can be? Let’s see what all Harjeet has to share about the new initiative, competition, and response so far, future planning, and more.

What it HAYR Car Share? Tell us about it in detail.

Harjeet Singh: A few years back, car-pooling became one of the best and common options for people to go to work, college – without having a trouble of managing expenses, taking care of pollution and all other concerns. That was the reason behind starting we started car sharing service at HAYR Car Share. And after that, as the time is changing rapidly, we, at the HAYR Car Share, have launched a new car sharing service in INDIA that is based on FREE FLOAT CITY SELF DRIVE CAR SHARING MODEL.


In order to use this service, a person just needs to download the application of the HAYR Car Share from Google Play store and register using his license after which he is eligible to use the service. Once registration is completed, customer needs to RESERVE any car near him and go to the car. After that, he/she can unlock the car using his mobile phone post to which there is push/start button in the car itself. After that he/she can travel around the city using the car, no need to worry about the fuel and parking as it would be taken care by us.

The idea of this start-up came to my mind during my last project, where I used to travel inter-city a lot and faced the issue of travelling in the city as no availability of the personal car was there.

From there, research on this project begin and this idea came in my mind. That’s when finally after the hard-work of 3 years, we launched the project and people are loving it.

As an entrepreneur do you think this concept will work in India?

Harjeet Singh: Yes! We are one of fastest growing country in the world. Share mobility is future, by increasing occupancy of passenger vehicles (shared mobility), India has the potential to reduce vehicle kilometer demand by nearly 35%, accounting to 2000 billion kilometers in 2035. This, combined with more efficient vehicle technologies, can cumulatively save above 1 gigatonne of CO2 through 2030.

So stats says it all that shared mobility is surely future of country in travel industry.

Free float self-driving is a concept which is new to India. How is the response so far? What are the challenges you are facing?

Harjeet Singh: India, being a developing country is changing drastically with each passing day. The lifestyle here is getting upgraded and people are beginning to stick with a minimalistic approach. In India, usually, people bought cars not if they wanted to, they needed to buy cars – for daily travel, family and other factors. But, with this concept, people are stunned by this news that now if they don’t want, they don’t have to buy a car. Till now we have offered approx. 650 rides to public.

Obviously new initiative calls for risks and challenges too, so far, there is only one challenge we are facing, and that is the awareness to be given to the public regarding the project and usage of it. So that, it can boost it through mouth publicity and make it a great success.

You spoke about women safety, please elaborate.

Harjeet Singh: As there are multiple ways to travel to a different location in the city, but there are many incidents happening and coming into limelight where the reason is told to be the wrong choice of the transportation. Hence, we can’t trust on travelling with strangers. Whereas in our concept, women is free to travel according to her requirement and as well as she would be travelling alone or with someone whom she knows, in this way she would be more comfortable and feel safer in travelling.

Tell us more about your future plans.

Harjeet Singh: Chandigarh has started well for us. The kind of response we are getting is very encouraging. We are looking forward to take HAYR to different cities in India. Things are looking promising and the team is ready.