Exclusive: It took me 11 years to realise that I should follow my dream of acting, says actor Abhijit Sinha | Business Upturn

Exclusive: It took me 11 years to realise that I should follow my dream of acting, says actor Abhijit Sinha

From an actor to a scriptwriter, producer, director, poet, short filmmaker and now a lyricist, Abhijit Sinha in an exclusive interview with Business Upturn, talked about his journey in the industry.


An MNC employee who quit his job to embark on a journey in the entertainment industry, Abhijit Sinha is now an actor, scriptwriter, producer, director, poet and also lyricist. He has proved his vigour in everything he does. Team Business Upturn got into an in-depth conversation with him where he opened up about his struggle and upcoming works.

Read the Interview below.

You left your MNC job to focus on acting. How was the journey like? What was the first reaction of your near and dear ones when you told them about your plan?

This is a very interesting part of my life. After completing my MBA. I started working with various MNCs and in 2013, after 11 years, I decided to follow my passion for Acting. I was 36 by then, living with my family comprising of my age-old parents, my wife and a 3-year-old son. I had multiple loans on the head by then. It was very difficult to decide to leave a glorious career and a stable job to enter into uncertain territory. My parents were shocked by my decision. They revolted and did their best to compel me to change my decision. But one person who stood behind me was my wife. She is working with the corporate sector. She gave me the support and confidence to follow my passion. I will always be obliged to her for this unconditional support. Then I went on to get formal training from Barry John Acting studio and Ekjute theatre workshop. Later I started doing theatre followed by TV and Films. I explored all genres like web series, short films, corporate films, and Ads. It has been 8 years since me exploring in Entertainment Industry. Let me tell you it has been a pure roller coaster ride. I have struggled a lot from doing Cameos and character roles in tv to Bollywood films. But I am confident my time will come one day.

What inspired you to be an actor and how do you prepare for your roles?   

I have been inclined in dramatics and performing arts since the beginning. I was active in drama in school and college. When I was doing my MBA from Nagpur, there was an event- A skit competition by Vidharbha Industrial Association. All management, Engineering and medical college students participated in it. I won the best Skit, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Scriptwriter awards. That’s when I realised this is what I love and everyone around me said that I have potential in this field. Later after my studies, due to my financial and personal responsibility, I started my corporate career. It took me 11 years to realise that it was time to follow my dreams. I was always inspired by Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri sir. When I entered the industry Nawazuddin Siddiqui Bhai started getting his due and I got motivated further. So here I am an Actor in the film and television industry now.

What is the project you had the steepest learning curve in? What kind of role do you feel most comfortable with?

There are many characters I have portrayed in tv but no one talks about it. But There was this one character where I had to play a typical Maharashtrian cop for my Bollywood debut role in the film Adrishya. I don’t know Marathi, so the challenge was to learn the diction. I saw few performances on the internet, built up the character, Translated my script to understand the potential and also took help from few friends for mannerism and proper diction. People loved my character, and my director was happy. That is indeed the best reward for any actor.

What is an interesting fact about you that very few people know?

Well now being in the industry for  quite a few years., People know me a bit as an Actor, Writer, Director & Producer. A newfound love, which very few people know about me is that I am a lyricist/ Poet as well. I do write few columns on various platforms and portals expressing my voice on few topics.

Can you let us know about your upcoming projects?

I have multiple things in my kitty now. I am working on a feature film script, few short film scripts, and stories. I will be directing and producing few short films as well. I am acting in few films and web series, the details of which I can’t reveal details as per the secrecy contract. I have been writing lyrics on which some songs are getting developed.

6.”You’ve been interviewed so many times what’s the one question you wished someone would have asked you, but never did?”

I wish someone would stress being a Character Actor. Many Character Actors are doing their best, but don’t get due. TV don’t give credit also .forget proper remuneration. Awards functions should give special mention to all these character actors, the ones who become Cop, Lawyer, Doctor, Politicians and much more memorable character. I am content being a character actor and would love to get my due. But as a dialogue of a film says-“Just Enjoying Life or Option hi Kya hai… Ha Ha Ha”

7. Finally, What would you like to advise the upcoming acting enthusiasts who don’t know how to proceed?

I want to tell every individual attached to arts, whether you are an Actor, Director, writer, singer, whatever you wish to do, please do get formal training. Be a trained artist. Education is a must for everyone. Persistence and dedication along with hard work is the mantra. Keep experimenting. Take the experience with whatever opportunity comes your way. Your knowledge and hard work with patience will get you your due. Entertainment is the fourth necessity after Roti, kapda aur Makan. It’s a good place to be. Fulfil your dreams and keep exploring. Best wishes to everyone.