Abhishek Nigam speaks on Hero- Gayab Mode On “Hero’s character came to me naturally | Business Upturn

Abhishek Nigam speaks on Hero- Gayab Mode On “Hero’s character came to me naturally


What made you accept this show- Hero? How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB?

The first time I saw the teaser of Hero- Gayab Mode On on TV, I instantly said to myself that I want to do a show like this. So, when the show came to me, I was very excited and couldn’t say no to such an amazing role and concept. I feel blessed and happy to be a part of Sony SAB, a channel that always puts a smile on people’s faces through its content. With Hero- Gayab Mode On as well we aim to continue doing so.

1. What makes the show special?


They say a hero is often an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure any hardship despite overwhelming obstacles. Viewers will get to see the same in this show. While invisibility as a distinctive trait is a crucial element in the show, Hero- Gayab Mode On promises a pure visual delight for the audience. The show is a science fiction that offers action drama, romance and everything that our audiences love watching on television.

2. How is Veer different than Hero?

Veer is very compassionate, responsible, loving and he can never hurt anyone, even if someone hurts him. Hero on the other hand is totally different as he is mischievous and more outgoing. If someone troubles Veer, he might forgive them but if Hero is troubled, then he is definitely going to give them back. However, Hero and Veer share the same roots as they will never hurt anyone weaker.


3. Which character do you relate to and like more?

I think I relate to Hero more as he is quirky, mischievous and full of surprises, which is a lot like how I am. Even during my audition for both these roles, I had to prepare much for Veer’s character whereas, Hero came to me naturally.

4. What special preparations have you been doing for your character in Hero- Gayab Mode On?

I have been training in acrobats and gymnastics as the role requires me to perform a lot of stunts. I am also working on my body, to get it in shape as I have been enjoying ‘Chhole Bhature’ and a lot of other delicious food during the lockdown (laughs). I get up at 4:30am, train, go to shoot, come back and work out. I want to do justice to this character with my acting as well as my physical appearance and am fully committed to it.

5. If you became a superhero, what super power would you like to have?

I would love to have the power of invisibility in real life. If I actually become invisible for a while, I will just board a flight and travel to places which I can’t afford right now. Also, I would like to spend a day observing some of the greates innovators and industrialists of our time.

6. How has the experience been, shooting for the show, with the entire cast and crew?

It has been a beautiful experience shooting with the entire team of Hero- Gayab Mode On. Out art director, creative team, my co-stars, the show crew, and everyone else, are all so friendly and have this amazing energy and aura with them. We already share a very good bond with each other and now, I am just learning from something everyday from everyone on the set. Everyone is helping each other perform better.

There is also so much to do in the show, actions, emotions, romance, and I am enjoying every moment on the sets. Yesha and I too share a different level of comfort. On the very first day, when we gave our first shot, we both shared a very good chemistry and it is always so much fun shooting with her.

7. Any message for the audience?

I just want to convey that the viewers are going to witness a very new and a bigscale superhero show, with lots of twists and turns in it. The show has got all the emotions and will also impress everyone with its grandeur. Set in current day Mumbai, the story of the show is also going to be interesting for the viewers as they get to witness what goes on in the film industry, on and off camera. I would request the audience to give all their love and suport to the show.