Iran’s military exercise at Al Dhafra airbase has Indian Rafales halted

In a military exercise conducted by Iran yesterday, three missiles landed near the Al-Dhafra airbase, where the Rafale jets had landed for an overnight layover.


Iran’s military exercise at Al-Dhafra airbase has Indian Rafales halted. An alert was sounded on Tuesday at the United Arab Emirates’ Al Dhafra airbase at the incoming of three Iranian missiles. In a military exercise, Iran launched three missiles towards the territory, which landed near the base, in the sea.

The missiles was reportedly heading in the direction of the airbase where US and French troops are stationed. The CNN Journalist, Barbara Starr, tweeted last night reporting the “Iranian missiles possibly headed that way”. She also stated that the personnel were asked to take cover however, no such measure was needed later.

It is imperative to note that Al-Dhafra is the very base where the Indian Air Force’s first batch of Rafale jets halted for an overnight layover, before leaving for Ambala, Haryana. The jets landed at the base on Tuesday after completing the first leg of their journey from France to UAE.

The BBC journalist Nafiseh Kohnavard tweeted about the incident last night. She quoted “US Navy slams Iran’s maneuver in Persian Gulf calling it irresponsible and reckless”.

Moreover, The news agency WION reports that the exercise was conducted by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. “It staged a mock attack on a fake aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz”, stated the report.

The Spokeswoman of the US Navy’s fifth fleet, Commander Rebecca Rebarich. Asserted that the US Navy is “always watchful of this type of irresponsible and reckless behavior by Iran. However, in the vicinity of busy International waterways”.

The Rafale jets have reportedly departed from the UAE’s airbase this morning. And are currently on their way to Ambala, Haryana. A curfew has already been imposed in the city. And the neighboring villages and photography has been strictly prohibited. So as to ensure a safe and sound landing of Indian Air Force’s Golden Arrows.

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