Iran says Israel made a “very bad gamble”, has vowed to make up for their “terrorist stupidity”

Iran says that Israel’s acts of sabotage and US sanctions on Iran will give neither country an extra leverage in dialgue.

Israel foreign minister on Tuesday said that Israel made a very bad decision by sabotaging its uranium enrichment facility Natanz in Isfahan province. Israel assumed that the actions would stall the efforts to lift US sanctions on Tehran.

At a joint press conference, along with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, Zarif said– ‘If Israel thought that they can stop Iran from following up on lifting sanctions from the Iranian people, then they made a very bad gamble.”

He warned that what Israel did in Natanz will only make their advanced centrifuges more powerful. Further, he added that, “It makes it possible for Iran to legally, legitimately, and in order to make up for this terrorist stupidity, use any capacity it has at Natanz.”

Iranian foreign minister stressed that Israel’s ‘act of sabotage’ and US sanctions on Iran will give neither country extra leverage in dialogue on the restoration of The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) or the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

“We have no problem with returning to implementing our JCPOA commitments, Zarif reiterated. “Americans should know that neither sanctions nor acts will give them negotiation tools and these acts will only make the situation more difficult for them,” he said.

Tensions between the two countries mounted as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday reflected some bitter sentiments. He said that ‘Iran has never given up efforts to obtain Nuclear weapons, and Israel will never allow Tehran to hoard them.’

Netanyahu spoke alongside US defence secretary Llyod Austin, although he made no remarks about Iran’s Natanz facility agreement, neither accepted its responsibility.

Earlier this year, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price stated that the US was ready to partially lift off sanctions against Iran, who is inconsistent with the nuclear deal if the Islamic government returns to full acquiescence to the JCPOA accord.

Price said that the healthy step forward now would be ‘compliance for compliance’. However, the US’s key ally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted on limiting Tehran’s stockpile of the nuclear arsenal.

Iran swears ‘revenge’:

Iran described the shocking incident at its main uranium enrichment facility Natanz as “nuclear terrorism” by a country attempting to ‘thwart the renewed efforts of JCPOA’. Recently, western intelligence sources told the local Hebrew agencies on condition of anonymity that Israel’s intelligence service Mossad was behind what it termed as ‘cyberattack’  that shut down the entire sections of Iran’s atomic site. The attack severely damaged the heart of Iran’s enrichment program. 

Ali Akbar Salehi, The head of the Iran Atomic Energy Agency told the state television that the grid compromise was caused due to some ‘elements’ that wanted to prevent Iran’s nuclear industry development.

Meanwhile, clearing their name from the incident, the US White House Press Secretary at a briefing announced that the US had ‘no role to play in Iran’s atomic site’s power outage.

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