India a major focus of French presidency of EU: French Ambassador Lenain

Deepening political connections between the 27-nation bloc and New Delhi should go hand-in-hand with stronger people-to-people relationships, according to French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain.

India: Deepening political connections between the 27-nation bloc and New Delhi should go hand-in-hand with stronger people-to-people relationships. According to French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain.

The ambassador also advocated for “more intellectual mobility” between India and the EU, calling it the “greatest investment” in the partnership’s future.

The French Ambassador was speaking at an event yesterday evening to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the European Union’s (EU) Erasmus-plus programme, which was founded in 1987 to support international education and stimulate university collaboration.

India now a major focus

More than 6,000 Indian students have travelled to Europe under the Erasmus programme, according to the French envoy, demonstrating how much the EU values student mobility with India.

“For the last two years, France has been the country welcoming the highest number of Erasmus scholarship holders, and we are very proud of it,” Mr Lenain said.

“India is a major focus of France’s ongoing presidency of the Council of the EU. France strongly believes that the deepening political relations between the EU and India should go hand-in-hand with greater academic mobility and people-to-people ties,” he said.

The French envoy further said. “It is the best investment we can make in the future of the EU-India partnership”. Lest, France takes over the leadership of the European Union (EU) Council from Slovenia in January.

The EU and India are celebrating 60 years of strategic cooperation this year.

Ambassador of the EU to India and Bhutan Ugo Astuto stressed that. Moreover, student and researcher mobility is an important aspect of this cooperation. Saying that more and more Indian students are considering studying in Europe.

“I am happy to share that 143 Indian students have been awarded Erasmus Mundus scholarships for higher education in Europe. This builds on the success of the last two years. When Indian students were the top recipients of the EU Erasmus-plus scholarships among 167 countries”. He said.

“More and more Indian students are looking at the possibility of studying in the EU. Exploring its world-class academic institutes, attending courses in two or more European countries. Gaining exposure to diverse cultures”. He added.

Indians takes over EU

More than 250 Indian Erasmus+ beneficiaries attended the event, which included students, researchers, academics, and business people.

The event was attended by representatives from EU member states, Indian partner institutions, and a number of specialists.

According to a joint press statement released by the French embassy. Also, the European Union in India, Erasmus supports education, training, youth, and sport.

“With a budget of Euro 26.2 billion (Rs 20,96,94 crore) for the 2021-2027 period. This is the largest programme in the world for student mobility and. Also an important project for collaborative funding”. It said.

“With this programme, the EU wants to enhance academic. And youth mobility and cooperation among European Union members. But also with other regions in the world, especially Asia”. The statement said.

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