5 Tips to manage stress and anxiety for better mental health

To be healthy you have to be, physically and mentally healthy. With these 5 tips to manage your stress and anxiety, become mentally healthy.


How to manage stress and anxiety?

In our whole life we keep learning new things to survive, whether it is about new technology to survive in this digital or a new programming language to survive in the intensive competition. But, have we learned how to survive the stress and anxiety which keeps popping up like those irritating notifications? Most of you are aware that your mind goes blank in such situations. So, here are 5 tips to manage your stress and anxiety.


Talk to someone when you are stressed

  • Flush it out

The biggest mistake people do while dealing with anxiety and stress is bottling up their emotions and not sharing their issues. Which eventually makes their situation worse and the level of stress and anxiety keeps rising. However, the right way of tackling them is flushing them out in the first place. You can either do this by writing it down somewhere or talking about it to someone, which is a better option as you might even get a solution to your problems.


Exercise Daily to stay stress free

  • Exercise daily

While exercising the body releases dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins and endocannabinoid which are associated with happiness, boosting confidence and even reduces physical pain. With regular exercise, you can help yourself drain out all the stress and anxiety.


Tips to manage stress and anxiety

  • Get positive

Staying in touch with ‘positive‘ people can help you in reducing stress and anxiety. As you might have heard that vibe around you affects your inner vibe. So, you shouldn’t be maintaining ‘social distancing’ with these people, because its good to be positive in this case.


Tips to manage stress and anxiety

  • Power of touch

Have you ever felt relieved after getting hugged when you were feeling low or a bit anxious? Although, being hugged or kissed won’t solve your problems but, it will certainly make you less stressed and anxious and will lift you enough to face them. A good sex-life can also keep you away from stress and anxiety. Since our body releases oxytocin when we have an orgasm and increases the level of “happy hormones” in our body.


Tips to manage stress and anxiety

  • Cut the shit out

Whenever you are in a stressful situation and you are on the verge of getting an anxiety attack, just get out of there for some time. Go out, get some fresh air, put yourself together and then handle that situation. But, what if you are in an examination hall or any other place where you can’t leave? Simply close your eyes and ears, just start taking deep breathes and try to focus on it for a few minutes.

You can even try changing your sleep routine along with these tips to manage stress and anxiety. Have a nutritious balanced diet and take proper sleep every night.