‘Compounding’ should be the new fitness trend, explains Fitness 911’s Adutiya Veer


Most of us are familiar with the term ‘compounding’, which is often used in the banking sector. But are you aware that ‘compounding’ holds a completely different meaning in the physical health and fitness sector?

Owner of Fitness 911, Adutyiya Veer explains the bio-mechanical aspect of compounding. “Compounding with physical movements would amount to exercises which involve the major muscle groups. Nowadays a lot of relevance is being given to compound movements. Why is that so? Well, the reason lies in the fact that they involve major and minor muscles of the body at the same time. If any comparison is drawn between isolation and compound exercises, it is noticed that the overall effect of compound movements is far greater than the isolated movements,’ says Veer.

He adds, “Now let’s go back to fundamentals yet again and we shall find out that work done is merely energy spent over time, which further has a direct correlation to muscle building and fat burn process. Since we all have an equal amount of time with ourselves and the maximum time one can spend working out on daily basis varies from 45 mins – 90 mins ( considering we got a flexible schedule, smart work trumps hard work on any given day. Compound exercises like the squat, bench press, deadlifts and military presses are the manifestation of that smart work inside the gym.”

He further explains, “Bench activates your pectorals core and the mind muscles coordination is increased with it. Similarly, the deadlift engages the whole body and it should be called the king of all compound movements, undoubtedly. One golden rule that should be remembered by everyone is that movements including major muscle groups at the same time will give you far better results than any other form of exercise.