Actress Katrina Kaif ,who battled COVID-19, has resumed her workout routine, says “Back at it”

The very known face of the Bollywood industry actress Katrina Kaif who is in controversies recently due to the affair rumour with actor Vicky Kaushal is now all set to begin her post-COVID-19 fitness journey.

The actress was tested positive for the virus in the month of April just a day after his rumored boyfriend Vicky Kaushal tested positive for COVID-19. The actress was home quarantined throughout her COVID-19 journey and was finally tested negative on the 17th of April where she thanked everyone for checking up on her through her Instagram account.

During her COVID journey, the actress thanked her mother in a little different yet special way on the occasion of mothers day by highlighting the amount of selflessness and hard work put in by her mother during the pandemic. She even shared the stories of five women all from different professions who risked their lives to save and protect our country India amidst the second wave. She featured the stories of a doctor, pilot, police, home chef and mental health doctor.

However, a few hours ago Katrina posted on her Instagram handle where she is seen wearing a reebok jacket captioned, “Back at it Post COVID I’ve had to be patient with myself in terms of getting back to exercise- u have to go at your own pace and listen to your body, u have good days and then days when u feel exhausted again. Going slow and trusting your body s healing process and giving yourself time. Step by step.”

Take a look at her recent post.



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