Sonia Gandhi demands all service, equipment required to treat COVID-19 to be free from GST

The interim president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, confronted the media and had a discourse on the prevailing situation in the country.

Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi, on Saturday, confronted the media over the ongoing crisis in the country. On one hand, she has suggested some of the significant measures to curb the situation while on the other hand, she retaliates against the remarks made by union ministers.

“It’s imperative to provide monthly income support and transfer an amount of Rs 6,000 to every eligible citizen’s account. We made this request to the government earlier also,” says Sonia Gandhi, as quoted by ANI.

Sonia Gandhi has also said that all the equipment, medicines, and support required to prevent and treat Covid-19 should be made free from GST, as per the outcomes of the discussion held with the chief ministers of the Congress party.

President Gandhi adds, “It is a matter of great concern that that life-saving drugs like Remedesivir, etc & medical oxygen and also other basic supplements are subjected to GST at 12%. Even basic equipment like oximeters and ventilators are subjected to 20% GST.”

Talking in regards to the export of vaccines, she says, “India has already exported nearly 6.5 crore Covid-19 doses to other countries. Considring the highest infection rate in the world in our own country, shouldn’t vaccine export be held back and priority given to our citizens?,” as quoted by ANI.

Furthermore, hitting back at the remarks made by union ministers, President Sonia Gandhi says, “Instead of listening to constructive suggestions of our party & other opposition leaders, some Union Ministers have been pressured into service to attack opposition leaders for giving suggestions. This convoluted me v/s you debate is completely childish.”

In addition to this, Gandhi says, “Some of our chief ministers told me that they were left with a few days of vaccines. They had no oxygen and they were running out of ventilators. But there has been a thundering silence on the part of the government. On the contrary, some other states of interest to the BJP have been receiving preferential treatment in terms of equipment, etc,” as quoted by ANI.

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