Moderna Develops Corona Vaccine

The entire world continues to experience global suffering by the Corona Virus. It has now affected more than 188 different countries. The official death toll worldwide passed on by the World Health Organization’s Statistics states 319 Thousand Deaths per individual. Multiple panels of Independent Scientists have made an agreeable statement. Only a Vaccine can provide the hosts with immunity against this Virus’s Pandemic. 23 different biotech and conglomerate companies like British American Tobacco and Moderna Inc. have been extensively working in the search of a successful Vaccine. Before Global production and distribution the Vaccine needs to be effective on humans.

During the rise of this unfortunate incident, a ray of hope has emerged. US biotech company Moderna Inc. has successfully made an official public statement. They have stated that they are on the brink of creating a Vaccine that is highly effective on humans. After experimenting and testing on rats and a Stage 2 testing on monkeys that share similar characteristics with humans. A strong Vaccine can be developed by Moderna. They are going to run a series of tests on targeted human subjects by June. If successful they will began their approach for the License of Distribution. It is anticipated that the hard work of the company may pay off and end this period of economical disaster soon.


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