Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackrey’s dog handler tests positive for Coronavirus


Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhar Thackrey’s pet dog handler has tested positive for COVID-19. After this, all the close contacts of the handler and other staff at CM’s bungalow, ‘Mantoshree’ were tested and most of the reports were negative. The residence and locality of the CM are being regularly sanitized. As of now, we do not know whether the CM and his family were tested. However, they are advised to take all the necessary precautions as the handler has been taking care of the dog for years and the dog roams in the bungalow.

“One person tested positive for COVID-19 and was shifted to a hospital, every staff members who work in Matoshree and his close contacts have been tested, almost every report came negative but few reports are awaited. As a precautionary measure, the area is being sanitised daily. Nobody from the CM’s family will be home quarantined as none of them came in direct contact with the person,” said Ashok Khairnar, Assistant Commissioner of H East Ward.

The pet dog has not been tested for Coronavirus as there is no evidence of animals getting infected from the virus. “As of now, there is no literature available saying the virus can be transmitted from animals to humans or that they are carriers. But it can pass from humans to animals and is curable with some antibiotics. As the handler tested positive, the animal he looks after must be tested. If the dog tests positive, it cannot transmit the disease to humans,” Senior Veterinarian Dr JC Khanna said.