Gurmeet Choudhry launches a plan for the development of medical centers in India


Gurmeet Choudhry has been a paladin during COVID-19, the actor had worked very ardently during the pandemic, he had arranged medicines, ventilators, and basic aid for COVID-19 treatment. Our country’s healthcare system has crippled during the second wave of COVID-19, Gurmeet has dispatched the #TheGrandHospitalProject which will have essential focuses and little clinics across different areas. The cutting edge emergency clinics will be exceptional with the most recent Al innovation for sickness discovery and therapy, all under the direction of super experts from the principle emergency clinics. The honorable drive comes to fruition with the head clinic in Lucknow and Patna, trailed by any remaining states too.
“The Grand Hospital project is my dream project which I have visioned and I am working towards it each day. Ever since we got hit by COVID, I realised that our health care system needs to become stronger, so the idea is to make India ready for the future. Today COVID has hit, tomorrow there will be many more dreadful diseases which will require us to fight against them. We are starting from Lucknow and Patna as main centers of this project as they are the epicenter of the nation and they connect to all the other states. Once those are formed we will replicate the same in other states too. All the hospitals will be equipped with AI technology and will be under the guidance of specialists.”