Gujarat HC marks disparity in COVID-19 testing; says, “Common man gets report in 4-5 days but officers within few hours”

Gujarat High Court while hearing on suo moto PIL– “we are not satisfied with government’s policy”.


On Monday, April 12, High Court of Gujarat hears on suo moto PIL on the current situation of COVID-19 and healthcare facility in the state.

On hearing of suo motu PIL, Advocate general Kamal Trivedi presented the position of government and said “It has become a fight between the people and Corona”. He also urges people not to rush for Remdisivir injection, as quoted by ANI.


Advocate General further added that 70% of the production of Oxygen should go to the health sector. Advocate general also opposes the provision of lockdown and said “lockdown is not a solution and it will affect the daily wagers. We rather suggest a self lockdown.”

Advocate General Kamal Trivedi also presented government’s view on the issue– “Everything is under control, government is doing their job, now people have to be more cautious about the situation.”

Gujarat High Court slammed the government and pointed out the miss-happenings that are taking place. The HC said, “It takes 4-5 days for common man to get report, whereas officers can get RT-PCR report within hours. Sample collection and testing should be faster. There is no RT-PCR testing centre in taluka and in many small villages.”

Chief Justice also asked, “When 27000 Remdesivir injections are available for Gujarat, find out how many are unused. Why injections are not available in every COVID hospital?,” as quoted by ANI.

While hearing the PIL, Chief Justice says– “State can always find out why Remdesivir injections are being sold at such high price. When you (Advocate General) are saying that oxygen and beds are available then why do people have to stand in queue?,” quotes ANI.

Gujarat HC Chief Justice also suggests some ways to control the rise of COVID-19 cases and added, “Number of people at weddings be capped at 50, make booth at housing societies to check people’s health, take help of religious centers that can provide Covid Care Centre and for isolation facility.

Chief Justice also said that– “We are not satisfied with government’s policy. Something needs to be corrected so that people can do something about this pandemic.”

The Court then adjourned till Thursday, April 15, to check what actions are taken by the government. In the last 24 hours, Gujarat reported 2,976 new cases and no of deaths are 54 that adds to 4,800 death roll.