Government warns about re-imposing COVID-19 restrictions if people continued flocking


On Tuesday the Union Health Ministry said that it will be very imposing restrictions again if all the COVID-19 protocols are not followed and complied with.

Joint secretary Lav Agarwal in a press conference said that the citizen traveling to hill stations were not following proper covid-19 appropriate behavior.

The health ministry also added ahead that there has been a massive footfall of people roaming around in hill stations and that the violations of old appropriate behavior can nullify all the benefits and games we have achieved so far.

All the pictures that we see from the hill stations are really frightening said the ICMR DG Dr. Balram Bhargava. He added that people should continue complying with covid appropriate behavior.


Due to the heatwave in Delhi and the relaxation of restrictions in curves thousands of people have started traveling to hill stations like Manali and Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.

All these pictures and videos of overcrowding tourists In these hill stations have gone viral all over social media with some of them slamming all the covid-19 while traveling.

Some researchers say that if people continue to behave in such a manner the third wave might come sooner than expected and affect immensely.

Looking at the pictures of coming tourists in these hill stations the RPG Enterprises chairman Harsh Goenka mentioned that, “The way Indians are throwing the streets with covid appropriate behavior, I expect the third wave in September. Maybe there will be a fourth wave later”.


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