EU Commissioner Theirry Bretton says THESE 12 nations are confident about July vaccination target

At least 12 of the 27 member bloc said that they are confident of being able to vaccinate 70 per cent of their adult population by mid-July, the EU’s vaccine task force chief said on Tuesday.


The European Commission had set a target of immunizing 70% of the EU’s adult population by the end of this summer, relying on big deliveries to quicken its vaccination drive.

European internal market commissioner Theirry Breton told an Irish parliamentary committee that the European Union was confident that they will be able to deliver enough doses, but it was up to the member states to organise themselves to be ready for that.

“Today, I can tell you that we have at least 12 member states who can say that they are fully comfortable with this 70% figure. This number is increasing daily”, the EU commissioner for internal market and consumer protection said. Although, he did not identify the “12 member states” which were uncomfortable with the 70% figure. “EU will receive 50 million more vaccines produced by Pfizer and BioNTech.

This quarter has given additional comforts to the executives on their delivery targets”, Bretton added. This will also provide a “room for manoeuvre” to cope with his expectation that the EU will initially have fewer Johnson & Johnson shots than hoped. He also added that he was confident that AstraZeneca will be able to deliver its reduced target of 70 million vaccines in the second quarter. Bretton hopes for a “summer tourist season” in Europe this year. He holds that the vaccine target has to be achieved to provide “light at the end of the tunnel” before the holiday season kicks in.

A report published by AP on April 19, stated that European Union was going to purchase 100 million more Covid-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer this year.