Australians returning from India could be incarcerated for 5 years if they do not adhere to COVID Guidelines

According to the opposition labour party, the government should be doing more to roll out the vaccines and provide a better quarantine system to protect the returning citizens.

According to a Bloomberg report, Australia has temporarily banned its citizens from returning to their country if they have been in India. Australia’s quarantine system will buckle up with more returning travellers testing positive.

Greg Hunt, Australia’s health minister, said in an e-mailed statement that– “The pause on travellers that were in India within 14 days of arriving will take effect from Monday (May 3)”.

As covid-19 cases surge in India, where on Saturday, the daily cases reached an all-time high at 4,00,000 for the first time, Australia’s quarantine system has prepared itself with vigour as more returning travellers test positive.

While Australia has come very close to zero local transmission of the virus, by closing its borders to non-residents, there are occasional cases that can be witnessed from quarantine hotels.

Hunt further added that the risk assessment was based on the number of overseas travellers who quarantined themselves in Australia and have acquired COVID-19 infection in India.

Meanwhile, Australia has banned all flights from India until May 15, but it was still possible to fly from a third country. The new measure was aimed at stopping the local transmission of the virus and the decision will be reviewed on May 15.

According to the opposition, Labour Party, the Australian government should have done more to roll out the vaccines and provide better quarantine systems to protects its citizens. The state Department of Health (Australia) said in a statement that Western Australia reported 3 positive cases of Covid-19 in the city of Perth.

The Bloomberg report further stated that the infections came just a few days after the city ended a lockdown. It was set off by an overseas travellers who tested positive after being released from 14 days of quarantine in a hotel in the country.

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