COVID-19 can be detected through cellphones screen with this new test

New COVID-19 tests have made it possible to detect the virus by using swab samples from cellphone screens.

Now, the detection of COVID-19 virus, has been made possible by by using swab samples from cellphone screens. Timely detection and early treatment of COVID-19 helps lower the risk of fatalities. It prevent complications and ensure recovery. 

Samples are not derived from one’s nose or throat as usually done in the case of RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen, rather from the screen of their cellphone. Instead, this new way of screening called the Phone Screen Testing (PoST) method is non-invasive, costs less, and is equally accurate as other methods. It finds the presence of the virus in a person’s respiratory system.

Smartphones are used as when people cough, sneeze or talk, the droplets they expel carrying pathogens settle on surfaces around them.

New studies have highlighted that COVID infection can be detected from an individual’s cellphone’s screen as well as it is personal items we carry all day long.

The samples are derived from the phone screen with swabs in this screening method. They are then subjected to a regular PCR test after being embedded in a saline water solution.

This test was performed on 540 individuals before coming to the conclusion by a team led by University College London. This test is cheaper, faster and accurate. It can easily detect the presence of the virus in huge masses.


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