COPAL-19 App developed by AIIMS & IIT-Delhi finds Plasma Donors

COPAL-19 App was developed the Resident doctors of AIIMS and IIT-Delhi students together. Furthermore, it specialized in detecing those patients whom can become potential plasma donors.


COPAL-19 App was developed the Resident doctors of AIIMS and IIT-Delhi students together. They have undertaken this productive project. They have successfully developed a mobile application. Which tracks COVID-19 patients in the hospital at AIIMS every minute. Furthermore, it specialized in detecting those patients whom can become potential plasma donors. They are prior COVID-19 patients. Firstly, who after 28 days of recovery have survived. Lastly those who have been discharged after complete disinfection from the Novel Corona Virus.

The app had been named COPAL-19 after it was developed. Furthermore, it has details of patients who have already been discharged from AIIMS. As well those currently “undergoing treatment”. Therefore COVID-19 patients that require plasma therapy can live in this time of unfortunate death. The AIIMS RDA President, Dr Adarsh Pratap Singh stated in an exclusive press interview. He further elaborated.


“Amidst shortage of donors for plasma therapy. Team of AIIMS Resident Doctors along with IIT-Delhi team developed an app. In order to correct the mismatch between COVID-19 discharged patients. And patients requiring plasma donation. It was a great initiative by Dr Abhinav Singh Verma and IIT Delhi students”. Dr Singh said.

However, the app had been launched at the premier hospital on the occasion of World Doctor’s Day. Dr Verma is not only a resident doctor of the neurosurgery department at AIIMS. But also the main person behind the COPAL-19 app. Although at the time being it has been launched for AIIMS patients. Later the app will be available on open platforms. It will be an open source code app which people from other institutions can copy and use in their hospitals. Dr Verma stated accordingly. “This app will act as a bridge between patients seeking plasma therapy. And are moderately and severely symptomatic and donors who have recovered from COVID-19 and have completed 28 days post recovery”. Dr Verma explained.

Eligible plasma donors can be easily tracked after a cycle of every 14 days. “Finding plasma for him turned out to be a herculean task. We randomly contacted our friends and put it up on social media platforms. But even then arranging a plasma donor took more than 12 hours. We were already working on developing such an app. But it was after this incident that we really pushed for it and finally launched it today”. he mentioned.

Lest, the app has already gathered registration of 70 successful plasma donors.


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