5 areas on your body that show signs of vitamin B12 deficiency


Vitamin B12 deficiency has become a common health problem in India and all over the planet. Reports suggest at least 47% of the Indian population suffers from low B12 levels in the body and only 26% of the population might be vitamin B12 sufficient.

The staggering data not just indicates the prevalence of vitamin B12 deficiency in the Indian population, yet in addition urges individuals to be more aware about this deficiency that can cause ‘irreversible’ harm in the long run. Other than being responsible for creating red blood cells and DNA in the body, it likewise helps strengthen the brain and nerve cells.

Warning signs to note

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause many health problems going from skin problems to poor eye health and neurological issues. Consequently, it is vital to keep a tab on all the symptoms that can indicate the illness. The UK’s National Health Services (NHS) lists down certain symptoms associated with this nutrient deficiency.

A pale yellow tinge to your skin.

– A sore and red tongue (glossitis)

– A mouth ulcers

– Changes in the way that you walk and move around.

– Disturbed vision

– Irritability and depression

Body parts that can signal low levels of vitamin B12

The NHS has cautioned against symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency that might arise in four parts of the body, which are hands, arms, legs, or feet.

As per the health body, people deficient in this vitamin might encounter a “strange” sensation in these four areas of the body.

The term used to define it is called ‘paraesthesia’ or pins and needles.

Pins and needles can be a telling sign

Paresthesia or pins and needles feels like a burning or prickling sensation that normally happens in the hands, arms, legs, or feet, however, can likewise happen in different parts of the body.

Your tongue may also be affected

Vitamin B12 deficiency can likewise create oral issues, leading to mouth ulcers, sores, tongue swelling and redness.

Glossitis or red and sore tongue is one of the indications of B12 deficiency. As per WebMD, a glossitis is described bytiny bumps on your tongue (papillae) that can begin to wear away.

Vitamin B12 deficiency and the brain

Studies have linked vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to impaired cognition and memory alongside a sensation of tingling and numbness. This is supposed to be a result of poor myelination, the process significant for the healthy functioning of the central nervous system.

Foods to eat

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that isn’t normally made in the body. It is essential to have foods that are rich in this vitamin and some might even resort to supplementation, as guided by the physician.

Some of the great sources of vitamin B12 include, pork, ham, poultry, lamb, shellfish, crab, dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt and eggs