Sula Vineyards Toasts to Success with 6% Surge on Record Wine Tourism Figures

Sula Vineyards witnessed a remarkable surge of over 6% on Thursday following the revelation that its wine tourism segment achieved unprecedented success during the Christmas weekend.

As disclosed in a stock exchange filing, Sula Vineyards reported that its wine tourism business, featuring the popular attraction of wine tastings, achieved new milestones in terms of the number of visitors, tastings, and revenue during the extended December 23-25 weekend.


Over 12,000 visitors flocked to its wine tourism facilities in Nashik and Bengaluru during the December 23-25 period, with December 24 seeing an impressive footfall of over 5,000 visitors—marking the highest single-day visitor count at its units.

Tastings reached a new high as well, with more than 5,300 individuals savoring its wines during the three-day Christmas weekend, surpassing the previous record of 4,700 tastings during the three days over Independence Day earlier this year.

The financial success of Sula Vineyards was equally impressive, as it generated a record revenue of ₹2.28 crore during these three days. Notably, the winery achieved a record single-day revenue of ₹85 lakh on both December 24 and 25, surpassing the previous best of ₹83 lakh reached on August 13, 2023.

As of 12:58 pm, Sula Vineyards shares were trading 5.56% higher at ₹502.00.