Stock Comparison: Colgate vs Dabur in India – Market Share, Financials, Stock Price Performance, and More

Explore the detailed comparison of Colgate and Dabur, two leading FMCG companies in India. Gain insights into their market share, financial performance, stock price performance, valuation metrics, and shareholding patterns.

Colgate and Dabur are two of the leading FMCG companies in India, competing in various product categories such as toothpaste, oral care, and personal care. Here, we’ll compare these two giants in the Indian market, analyzing their market share, financial performance, stock price performance, valuation metrics, and shareholding patterns.

Market Share


Category Colgate Dabur
Toothpaste Market (by value) as on March 2020 48.3% 13.4%
Natural/Herbal Toothpaste ~75% (combined with Patanjali)

Financial Performance

Metric Colgate Dabur
Market Cap As of May 14, 2024 ₹ 76,645.55 crore ₹ 98,224.13 crore
Total Income As of December 31, 2023 ₹ 1,413.54 crore ₹ 2,516.22 crore
Net Profit As of December 31, 2023 ₹ 330.11 crore ₹ 428.12 crore
Earning Per Share As of December 31, 2023 ₹ 2.42 ₹ 12.14

Stock Price Performance

Metric Colgate Dabur
1-Year Return 73.25% 6.98%

Valuation Metrics (as on 14 May, 2024)

Metric Colgate Dabur
Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio 60.97 52.86
Price-to-Book Value (P/BV) Ratio 44.12 9.87
Dividend Yield 1.50% 0.99%

Shareholding Pattern (March 2024)

Company Promoter Holding
Colgate 51.0%
Dabur 66.25%

Brokerage Calls

Dabur:  Of the 40 analysts tracking Dabur India, 43% have a Buy rating on the stock, 28% have an Outperform rating, 25% have and hold rating, while the rest 6% have an Underperform and Sell rating, respectively.

Colgate: Of the 31 analysts tracking Colgate Palmolive, 10% have a Buy and Outperform rating on the stock, 35% have an Hold rating on the stock, 19% have an underperform rating and the rest 26% have a Sell rating.

In conclusion, while Colgate leads the toothpaste market, Dabur has a strong presence in the natural/herbal segment and a higher market capitalization. Colgate has outperformed the market in terms of stock price performance, but both companies have healthy financials and promoter holdings.

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