SEBI extends timelines for submission of PAN, nomination & KYC details

According to a circular released by SEBI, it has extended deadlines and enhanced investor protection.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has announced an extension of the timelines for the submission of PAN, Nomination, and KYC details by physical security holders. This move comes as a relief to investors who were struggling to meet the previous deadlines due to various reasons.

SEBI has also extended the timeline for nomination in eligible demat accounts. This decision is expected to provide ample time for investors to make informed decisions and complete the necessary formalities without any rush. SEBI has introduced a voluntary nomination facility for trading accounts. This new provision allows investors to nominate a person who can claim the securities in case of the investor’s demise. This step is seen as a significant move towards protecting the interests of investors and ensuring smooth transition of securities.

These extensions and introductions are part of SEBI’s continuous efforts to safeguard investors’ interests and enhance the overall efficiency of the securities market. Investors are advised to take note of these changes and complete the necessary formalities within the extended timelines.