Goodyear India announces interim dividend, share price jumps over 15%

Goodyear India jumped 15.68 percent to Rs 1015.05 after the company announced that its board declared an interim dividend of Rs 80 per share for the financial year 2020-21.

Yahoo! Finance reported Goodyear dividend yielded to 7.88 percent. This figure was based on market pricing. The company is fixated on 15 December 2020 as the record date for determining the interim dividend of the shareholder.


Shares of Goodyear India have gained 21.64 percent in four trading days, and the stock’s relative strength index stood at 76.099 on BSE.

Moreover, the stock was moving at an average placed at 819.36 and 876.74, and it trades above 50-day and 100-day, respectively.

Goodyear India engages in manufacturing and trading tires, tubes, and flaps. The company posted a rise of 28.5 percent in net profit to Rs 48.56 crore in the September quarter of 2020. In 2019, the September quarter’s net profit was Rs 37.79 crores.

Revenue from operations stood at Rs 481.1 crore in September 2020 and there was a rise of 6 percent from 454 crores in Q2 September 2019.