RBI rejects misleading reports of alleged disappearance of banknotes

The RBI addressed on the misconceptions and ensured to the public trust in currency management.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has addressed recent reports circulating in certain media outlets regarding the alleged disappearance of banknotes printed by banknote printing presses. The RBI categorically stated that these reports are incorrect and misleading.

According to the RBI, these reports have emerged due to a misinterpretation of information obtained through the Right to Information Act, 2005, from the printing presses. The central bank firmly emphasizes that all banknotes supplied from the printing presses to RBI are diligently accounted for. It further assures the public that robust systems are in place to ensure the accurate reconciliation of banknotes produced at the presses and delivered to RBI. These systems encompass comprehensive protocols for monitoring the production, storage, and distribution of banknotes.


The RBI’s swift response seeks to dispel any concerns and reiterate its commitment to maintaining transparency and accountability in its operations. As the authority responsible for overseeing the currency management of the country, the RBI takes these matters seriously and assures the public of the integrity of its processes.

In light of this clarification, the RBI urges the public to rely solely on the information published by the central bank itself in matters pertaining to banknotes and related subjects. The RBI regularly communicates with the public through official channels, providing accurate and reliable updates on various aspects of its operations.

With this clarification, the RBI aims to put an end to the dissemination of misleading information and restore confidence in the robustness of its banknote management systems. The central bank remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the Indian banking system.

As always, the RBI encourages members of the public to stay informed by referring to official statements and publications released by the central bank. By relying on credible sources, individuals can ensure that they have accurate information and avoid unnecessary confusion or speculation regarding critical matters such as the management of banknotes in the country.