Why choose Impact Guru to raise funds for an expensive medical treatment?

With the increasing medical costs, a lot of people, regardless of their income groups, are unable to afford the treatments and procedures they need for themselves or their loved ones.

Today, the cost of treatments and procedures that can cure or treat chronic diseases such as cancer is skyrocketing, making it increasingly unaffordable. There are many ways to get financial help for medical treatments, such as banks, financial institutes, or even your friends and family. Nevertheless, banks might take some time and paperwork to nprocess your request and insurance might only cover the cost partially. So, what are your other options?


Medical crowdfunding. It’s a great option to get financial help for expensive medical treatments. Through crowdfunding, you can raise funds for medical support and reach many people who might be potential donors. Moreover, you can let them know the important details around your cause and the urgency behind it. Through medical crowdfunding, you can ask for help without having to worry about paying back.

Medical fundraising allows you to voice your problems and provides a platform where you can feel heard, seen, and helped. If you want to understand how a crowdfunding platform can provide help for medical treatments, here’s what you must know before starting a campaign:

  1. You can start a campaign for free: The best thing about opting for financial help for medical treatment through crowdfunding is that you can build your campaign for free on crowdfunding platforms. Creating a campaign usually requires you to fill in your details and mention why you need to raise funds for medical support.
    The next step is to verify your fundraiser with the help of an authentic email address or phone number. After verification, your campaign goes live and is ready to be shared. Add action-provoking images and videos to strengthen your campaign and make it open and clear to as many people as possible.
  2. Some platforms help the donors get tax exemptions: Crowdfunding platforms such as Impact Guru in India also allow the donors to get tax exemptions and rebates as per their donations on select fundraisers and thus attract more attention. It is one of the many reasons why getting financial help for medical treatments through these platforms has gained more importance lately.
  3. You can track the progress/reach of your campaign: Anyone who has started a campaign to raise funds through a crowdfunding platform gets complete control over the funds gathered. On ImpactGuru, you can track real-time donations on a free mobile app, request to withdraw funds mid-way if urgently required and boost your fundraiser to help it reach more people using premium fundraising services..
  4. It is necessary to share your story in detail: You must make sure that your cause has a detailed description so donors can rely on the authenticity of the cause and have a good reason to contribute. Your story must make them feel that even a little contribution can make a big difference.
  5. The platform charges a nominal service fee: Creating or starting a campaign is free, but once you have raised a significant amount of money, some percentage of it is dedicated to the platform as a service fee. This nominal fee motivates fundraising platforms to continue with their humble work of providing a space that lets people in need get financial help for medical treatments. Some donation based platforms charge as little as a 0% fee to help you retain as much of your funds as possible.

To provide financial help for medical treatments to the families and individuals who need it today is the kindest thing to do for someone. You can make a difference by contributing. Go ahead and visit a crowdfunding platform such as Impact Guru, browse through their fundraisers and help these platforms to change and save lives today!