State Bank of India (SBI) plans to dispose debit cards

There are three crore Mastercards and ninety crore debit cards in the nation, SBI chairman Rajneesh Kumar informed.

The State Bank of India (SBI) is planning to eliminate plastic charge cards. SBI is progressing on the plan of promoting digital payment framework on an enormous scale instead of these debit cards. If this plan of the bank is successful, then after some time these plastic debit cards will become a thing of the past.


SBI Chairman Rajneesh Kumar has said that his plan is to slowly put the debit card out of circulation. They said that they can wipe out the utilization of plastic debit cards in the coming times. He informed that there are three crore Mastercards and ninety crore debit cards in the nation.

“…it is our wish to eliminate the debit cards, and am sure we can eliminate them,” he said speaking at the annual Fibac here on Monday.

He further pointed out to digital arrangements like its own ‘Yono’ stage as the key for accomplishing a debit card less nation. Kumar said through the Yono platform, one can withdraw money at the automated teller machines or pay for purchases at a trader foundation without having a card by any means.

He said the bank has officially set up 68,000 ‘Yono cashpoints’ and is scaling it up greatly to more than 1 million in the following year and a half, which will make the need to have a card even less. Furthermore, the Yono stage can likewise give credit for purchasing certain product, making the credit card in the pocket additionally as a “stand by”, Kumar said.

Kumar further added, at present, the QR code is likewise an extremely economical method for guaranteeing payments. In the following five years, there will be a limited need for any plastic cards in your pocket, he stated, bringing up that virtual coupons is what’s to come.

Well, this decision will result in the rise of digital platforms’ use. What’s your say? Share your views below in the comment box.