PoSP Agent – Your Trusted Partner in Financial Protection

In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is unpredictable. Unforeseen accidents and emergencies can disrupt our lives at any moment; in such an environment, we cannot overstate the importance of insurance.

Understanding insurance products and choosing the right coverage can be complex and overwhelming. This is where a PoS insurance Agent steps in as your trusted partner in financial protection.


Who is a PoSP?

The full form of PoSP is the Point of Sales Person. They work as an intermediary between insurance companies and customers. The insurance PoS plays a major role in simplifying the insurance buying process and ensuring customers get adequate coverage.

PoSP (Point of Sale Person) is a new form of license for insurance advisors introduced by IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India) in 2015.  The General Insurance agents usually work for a single company and can sell only products from that one insurer in the given category, i.e. life or non-life. However, customers today demand more – they want to know all their options and look for advice from advisors on choosing the best product. However, as per the IRDAI guidelines a PoSP (Point of Sale Person) license or certification lets you do just that. As a PoSP (Point of Sale Person), you can sell policies of multiple insurance companies, across both life and non-life categories, such as term life, ULIP, endowment life, motor, health, personal accident, home, and travel. PoSP (Point of Sale Person) is thus a wider concept than a traditional insurance advisor license. Therefore, most individuals now choose the PoSP (Point of Sale Person) path for an advisor career.

What is required to become a PoSP?

Educational Qualification

The best part about a PoSP profession is that you need to have a minimum qualification as given by IRDAI, 10th pass. Apart from becoming a certified PoSP, one also has to undergo 15-hour training.

Age Criteria

Minimum age limit is 18 years to become a PoSP Agent

Skill sets required

A PoSP agent must have good communication skills, team spirit, customer service skills, professionalism, curiosity, and an ability to learn quickly. To work as an insurance PoS agent, all that is required is a smartphone or a laptop and a good Internet connection.

Benefits of Becoming a PoSP

Work Flexibility

There are no fixed work timings in the PoSP profession. The earning opportunities are unlimited in the PoSP profession.

One can choose the working hour as per their convenience whether to opt for a PoSP career as full-time or as a side hustle job. The PoS agent can use an online platform also to sell policies and work from home or anywhere else. If you are a stay-at-home husband or wife and have time, you can choose to become a POSP and earn extra income for yourself and your family.

Zero investment required

There is no money investment required to start as a POSP. All one requires to start is a laptop or desktop and a smartphone.

Makes you earn good commissions

POSPs earn set commissions by the IRDAI. Your earnings as a PoS agent will depend on the number of policies you issue and the deals you close.   There is no defined income. In this way, this is a limitless way to earn as much as you can.

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