PM announces $1.35 trillion national infrastructure plan

He also said that the infrastructure plan will value many job opportunities for the citizens of the country.

 On the occasion of independence day, PM Narendra Modi delivered a speech from the Red Fort. He started his speech by first congratulating the sportsmen’s who represented India in the Olympics games held in Tokoyo. India won one gold, two silver and four bronze medals at the games.

Every year India celebrates the freedom of India from British rule on 15 August, a day after Pakistan, which became a new state after the partition of India in 1947. The freedom struggle of India was one of the greatest moments in the history of our nation, the movement leads to a great amount of communal violence resulting in around an uncountable number of deaths, it also resulted in the largest human migration, about 12 million people left their homes. Modi declared that 14 August will be seen as the day of Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.


He further initiated in his speech that the nation will be soon observing a $1.35 trillion national infrastructure plan that will help in the increment of the company’s economy. Modi addressed the nation while wearing a bright saffron-coloured turban on the 74 anniversary of India’s independence. He also said that the infrastructure plan will value many job opportunities for the citizens of the country.

“It will help local manufacturers turn globally competitive and also develop possibilities of new future economic zones in the country,” he said.

India’s economy was said to be walloped by the Covid pandemic, leading to 7.3% in the financial year that finished in March. Financial analysts dread there will be no bounce back like the ones found in the U.S. also, other significant economies. 

Modi additionally also recorded his administration’s accomplishments since 2014 and hailed India’s Covid inoculation crusade.

“We are proud that we didn’t have to depend on any other country for COVID-19 vaccines. Imagine what would have happened if India didn’t have its vaccine,” he said.

India has given more than 500 million portions of immunizations however its inoculation drive has been damaged by its sluggish speed. About 11% of qualified grown-up Indians have been completely immunized up until this point.

Modi also said India was committed to meeting targets for the reduction of its carbon footprint. He said his government would invest more in electric mobility, solar energy and “green hydrogen” — which does not emit carbon dioxide — as part of its goal to make India energy independent by 2047.