LIC launches Amritbaal: A traditional endowment policy for long-term child education planning

India’s Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) introduces Amritbaal, a non-linked, non-participating traditional endowment policy crafted for parents aiming to secure their children’s higher education. With a minimum entry age for children at 30 days and an upper limit at 13 years, the policy matures between 18 and 25 years.

LIC ensures an ample corpus for educational needs, featuring guaranteed additions at Rs 80 per thousand basic sum assured annually throughout the policy term. The policy offers shorter premium payment terms (five, six, and seven years) and a minimum tenure of 10 years for limited premium pay policies. The sum assured starts at Rs 2 lakh with no maximum limit, providing flexibility.


Policyholders can opt for settlement options or loans, and LIC offers the product through agents, distributor banks, and its official website. Secure your child’s future with LIC’s Amritbaal endowment policy.