Insurers collaborate for seamless ‘Cashless Everywhere’ experience in hospitals

Medical insurance policyholders can now seek cashless facilities for funding their treatment expenses at any hospital, irrespective of its inclusion in their insurer’s cashless network. General and health insurance companies, in collaboration with the General Insurance Council, have introduced the innovative ‘Cashless Everywhere’ program across hospitals, aiming to enhance cashless coverage nationwide.

This initiative eliminates the need for patients to settle treatment bills with hospitals and later seek reimbursement from insurance companies. About 63% of customers opt for cashless claims, while the others have to apply for reimbursement. This puts a significant amount of stress on their finances and makes the process long and cumbersome. With the backing of regulators, the industry now aspires to achieve a 100% cashless claim settlement, aiming to streamline the claims process and enhance the policyholder’s experience.


The current system restricts cashless facilities to hospitals with agreements signed by insurers. If policyholders choose a hospital without such an agreement, they are denied cashless facilities, compelling them to pursue a reimbursement claim, thereby causing further delays in the claim process, as highlighted in the General Insurance Council statement.

The ‘Cashless Everywhere’ program aims to eliminate this issue by extending cashless coverage to all hospitals, regardless of whether they are included in the insurer’s cashless network or not. This will help policyholders avoid financial stress and make the claims process more efficient. This step would certainly be favourable for the policyholders as well as insurance companies with positive sentiments from the policyholders.