Bajaj Finance Q4 consolidated PAT grew by 30.5% YoY to Rs. 3,158 crore

The financial services provider’s assets under management grew by 29% from Q4 FY-22 to Q4 FY-23, reaching Rs. 247,379 crore. With a total of Rs. 16,537 crore, AUM growth in Q4 FY-23 was the highest ever.

The top NBFC, Bajaj Finance, reported a combined net profit of Rs. 3,157.79 crore for the three months ending March 31, 2023. The Q4 PAT increased by 30.51% from the Q4 FY-22 total of Rs. 2,419.51 crore and by 6.21% from the Q3 FY-23 total of Rs. 2,973 crore. The profitability exceeded Street’s expectations.

Consolidated revenue from operations totaled Rs. 11,359.59 crore, a massive rise of 31.68% from Rs. 8,626.06 crore in the fourth quarter of the prior year. In the December 2022 quarter, revenue of Rs. 10,784.31 crore showed a single-digit growth of 5.33%.


On a combined basis, interest income reached Rs. 9,846.90 crore, a significant increase from the Q4 FY22 level of Rs. 7,368.20 crore. In the third quarter of FY23, the company reported interest income of 9.273.40 crore.

For the quarter under review, net interest income (NII) increased by 28% to Rs. 7,771 crores from 6,061 crores in Q4 FY-22.

With 7.56 million new loans booked in Q4 FY-23 compared to 6.28 million in Q4 FY-22, the company witnessed a 20% increase in new loans booked. There were 69.14 million customers as of March 31, 2023, up from 57.57 million at the same date in the previous year. the growth of 20%. The company’s customer base increased by 3.09 million in the fourth quarter of FY23.

Assets under management for the financial services company increased by 29% from Q4FY22 to Q4FY23 to reach Rs. 247,379 crore. With AUM increase of 16,537 crore in Q4 FY-23, it was the largest ever.

Loan losses and provisions for the company were 859 million in the quarter compared to 702 million in the previous quarter of FY-22. At the end of the third quarter of 2016, Bajaj Finance had 960 crore in management and macroeconomic overlay as of 31st March.

Asset quality for Bajaj Finance was at 0. 94% and 0.34%, respectively, as of 31 March 2022, a substantial decline from 1.60 and 0.68% at that time. As of March 31, 2023, the corporation had a provisioning coverage ratio on stage 3 assets of 64% and 118 bps on stage 1 and stage 2 assets.

Separately, the PAT increased by 25% YoY to 2.837 crores from Q4 FY22’s figure of 2,268 crores. Net interest income increased by 25% YoY to Rs. 7,104 crore from Rs. 5,666 crore in Q4 FY22.

On a consolidated basis, the total number of new loans booked for the year as a whole FY-23 was 29.58 million, up from 24.68 million in FY-22. recording a 20% rise. When compared to FY-22, when there were 57.57 million customers, FY-23 saw the highest-ever increase of 11.57 million, bringing the total to 69.14 million.

PAT increased by a remarkable 64% during the course of the entire fiscal year, from Rs. 7,028 to Rs. 11,508 crore. From Rs. 21.894 crore in FY-22 to Rs. 28.846 crore in FY-23, net interest income grew by 32%.