HDFC Flexi Cap Fund vs HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund: Both grows above 40% in last one year; more than 300% in last 5 years

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund: This fund predominantly invests in domestic equities, with a significant portion allocated to large-cap stocks. It aims for high returns over a 3-4 year investment horizon, with the potential for moderate losses. The fund has shown strong performance, particularly in longer time frames, and has relatively better risk-adjusted returns compared to its category. It is suitable for investors seeking aggressive growth with exposure to large-cap equities.

HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund: This fund balances its investments between equities and debt, providing moderate risk exposure with the potential for stable returns. It has a lower equity allocation compared to the Flexi Cap Fund but includes a substantial debt component to mitigate risk. The fund has consistently outperformed its category, particularly in the longer term, and is ideal for investors seeking a balanced approach with exposure to both equity and debt markets.


Feature HDFC Flexi Cap Fund HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund
Fund Type Flexi Cap Dynamic Asset Allocation / Balanced Advantage
Equity Investment 88.32% 66.82%
Debt Investment 0.38% 27.66%
Equity Composition Large Cap: 60.23% 

Mid Cap: 6.43% 

Small Cap: 3.47%

Large Cap: 42.11% 

Mid Cap: 6.86% 

Small Cap: 7.71%

Debt Composition Government Securities: 0.38% Government Securities: 15.49%  Low Risk Securities: 11.72%
Suitable For Investors seeking high returns with a 3-4 year horizon, ready for moderate losses Investors looking for balanced exposure to equity and debt, moderate risk

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund VS HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund – Fund Performance

Period Invested For HDFC Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Plan-Growth HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund – IDCW
1 Week -1.28% -1.17%
1 Month 2.17% 1.80%
3 Months 6.89% 6.08%
6 Months 21.36% 18.79%
YTD 12.67% 11.04%
1 Year 42.50% 40.02%
2 Years 71.98% 66.22%
3 Years 97.14% 89.15%
5 Years 150.73% 129.85%
10 Years 365.67% 316.51%
Since Inception 518.91% 4539.40%

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund VS HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund – SIP Returns 

Period Invested For HDFC Flexi Cap Fund (₹1000 SIP) HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund (₹1000 SIP)
1 Year ₹14,551.92 (21.27%) ₹14,341.32 (19.51%)
2 Years ₹33,303.42 (38.76%) ₹32,665.11 (36.10%)
3 Years ₹54,854.59 (52.37%) ₹53,571.74 (48.81%)
5 Years ₹1,21,179.39 (101.97%) ₹1,13,143.72 (88.57%)
10 Years ₹3,30,024.01 (175.02%) ₹2,99,654.73 (149.71%)

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund VS HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund – Risk Ratios 

Risk Ratio HDFC Flexi Cap Fund Category Avg HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Category Avg
Standard Deviation 11.43 11.84 8.39 6.29
Beta 0.9 0.94 0.95 0.75
Sharpe Ratio 1.62 0.99 1.99 0.83
Treynor’s Ratio 0.21 0.13 0.18 0.07
Jensen’s Alpha 7 -0.05 11.84 1.74

Top 5 Holdings 

HDFC Flexi Cap Fund Sector % of Total Holdings HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Sector % of Total Holdings
ICICI Bank Ltd. Private sector bank 9.57% HDFC Bank Ltd. Private sector bank 5.96%
HDFC Bank Ltd. Private sector bank 9.40% Coal India Ltd. Coal 3.87%
Axis Bank Ltd. Private sector bank 7.72% State Bank Of India Public sector bank 3.66%
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Aerospace & defense 5.36% ICICI Bank Ltd. Private sector bank 3.54%
Cipla Ltd. Pharmaceuticals 5.03% National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Power generation 3.27%


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation to invest in any particular mutual fund or asset class. Past performance does not indicate future results, and investors should research and consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions. Investing in mutual funds involves risks, including the possible loss of principal invested.