HDFC Infra Fund: Fund delivers staggering 81.29% absolute return in last one year

Tailored for investors with advanced knowledge of macro trends seeking selective bets for higher returns. The fund is suited for those willing to endure moderate to high losses despite overall market performance.

HDFC Infra Fund: Performance Metrics


  • Standard Deviation: The fund’s volatility is higher than the category average (14.3 vs. 12.78).
  • Beta: The fund’s volatility is lower than the category average (0.7 vs. 0.85).
  • Sharpe Ratio: The Fund offers better risk-adjusted returns compared to the category average (2.03 vs. 1.08).
  • Treynor’s Ratio: The Fund provides better risk-adjusted returns than the category average (0.42 vs. 0.16).
  • Jension’s Alpha: The Fund’s risk-adjusted returns are superior to the category average (6.66 vs. 2.46).

HDFC Infra Fund: Sectoral Allocation

The fund exhibits an 85.71% investment in domestic equities, with 34% in large-cap stocks, 6.48% in mid-cap stocks, and 26.17% in small-cap stocks.

HDFC Infra Fund Portfolio

  • Portfolio Turnover Ratio: 19.09%, significantly lower than the category average of 119.01%.
  • No. of Stocks: The fund maintains a focused portfolio with 22 stocks, emphasizing high-conviction picks.
  • Top 5 Stock Weight: 59.46% of total holdings  (ICICI Bank Ltd. (6.68%), Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. (5.36%), HDFC Bank Ltd. (4.82%), Coal India Ltd. (4.56%), Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd. (4.21%))
  • Top 10 Stock Weight: 81.97% of total holdings.
  • Top 3 Sector Weight: 78.71% of total holdings.

HDFC Infra Fund: Growth

The fund has delivered impressive absolute returns, notably 81.29% over the past year, 131.12% over 2 years, and 159.55% over 3 years, significantly outperforming category averages.

Crisil Rank: The fund’s performance is consistently recognized by Crisil, ensuring investor confidence.

1-Year Growth

  • Over the past year, investors who initiated a SIP in this fund on May 26 with an investment of ₹1000 per month have seen their investment grow to ₹16152.16, representing a remarkable absolute return of 34.6%.
  • The annualized returns for this period stand at an impressive 69.51%, indicating the fund’s ability to deliver significant growth over a relatively short timeframe.

2-Year Growth

  • Investors who started an SIP in this fund two years ago on 27-May-22, with a monthly investment of ₹1000, have witnessed substantial growth in their investment. The total investment of ₹24000 has grown to ₹40553.98, reflecting an absolute return of 68.97%.
  • Despite the longer investment horizon, the annualized returns for this period remain high at 59.83%, underscoring the fund’s consistent performance over the medium term.

5-Year Growth

  • For investors who embarked on a SIP journey in this fund five years ago, the results have been even more impressive. A monthly investment of ₹1000 over this period totaling ₹60000 has yielded substantial growth, with the investment now valued at ₹150861.72, reflecting an absolute return of 151.44%.
  • The annualized returns for the past 5 years stand at a commendable 37.9%, highlighting the fund’s ability to deliver consistent and substantial growth over an extended timeframe.

HDFC Infra Fund: Comparative Performance

Category 1 D 1 M 3 M 6 M YTD 1 Y 2 Y 3 Y 5 Y
This Fund -0.65% 2.27% 9.75% 32.85% 19.36% 80.41% 51.85% 37.39% 20.36%
Nifty 50 -0.19% 2.09% 4.27% 15.08% 5.32% 23.51% 18.89% 14.02% 13.90%
Benchmark: S&P BSE India Infrastructure TRI -1.28% 7.16% 14.34% 58.55% 36.36% 115.07% 59.54% 43.16% 27.86%
Category Average -0.43% 3.06% 7.63% 23.46% 13.58% 44.84% 29.31% 20.86% 19.84%
Category Rank 134/181 103/180 60/175 36/165 44/169 12/144 8/133 10/121 49/101
Best in Category 1.13% 12.04% 24.36% 59.96% 36.77% 115.07% 64.95% 46.35% 34.76%
Worst in Category -1.89% -2.61% -9.94% 0.76% -4.01% 6.83% 3.94% -5.38% 5.11%

Tax Treatment

During this time frame, any profits garnered from the sale of an asset are subject to a tax rate of 10%. Conversely, the tax treatment for short-term gains diverges, with such gains incurring a higher tax rate of 15%. This dichotomy in tax rates delineates the duration of asset ownership, with longer-term investments receiving a more favourable tax treatment compared to their short-term counterparts.

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